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Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk.I

July 31, 2022 · in Aviation · · 20 · 0.9K

Mk.I (Newer kit) built out of box. I had a lot of mess ups along they way on this one no where near perfect they never are for me. Not the kits fault. First time trying freehand camo I couldn't get a really tight feathered edge as I wanted and lost all my marbleing layer in the process so all the weathering came from top down with oils therefore lacking some tonal variation. Panel lines also look darker in photos for some reason. All the marking were sprayed and I didn't use the stencil decals because of how thick Tamiya's carrier film looks. Painted with Mr. Color RAF Lacquer paints. It came out ok in the end I guess. Markings are fictitious btw. Cheers

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  1. Looks great to me! Camo is tight, weathering is superb. Nice build!

  2. I wouldn't sell yourself so short on this one, that Spit' looks superb! Paint and weathering details are subtle but very lively. Liked!

  3. Lots to be proud of here- very well done. Camo looks fine to my eyes and there is definitely some marbling/modulation going on as well as some very convincing weathering along the wing roots. Excellent result, will be looking to purchase this kit myself in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Superb result, Jeremy @jmillan
    No signs of mess ups visible from here.
    Beautiful paintwork on the camouflage and markings.

  5. Very nice Jeremy. About free-hand camo spraying. A great discussion here with the late and greatly missed Edgar Brooks...

  6. I can’t agree with your opinion about the model you present us here, I see a beautiful paint work and a fine weathering detail. A true show stopper if you ask me

  7. Despite your mentioned challenges, the result is truly superb, Jeremy!

  8. Looks very good, all Battle of Britain scuffed and hard used. Only question, why would you use fictitious markings when so many "official" ones are available?

  9. Looks showroom quality to me. I really like how tight and well done the camouflage and markings are, I know I personally run into raised paint layers when I end up painting markings.

  10. Very nice, Jeremy!

  11. Thanks for all the nice comments fellas.

  12. That's beautiful. Love the weathering - especially the exhausts and exhaust stains. Love it!

  13. Tamiya's decals may look thick, but in my 30 year experience with them, they always settle in and don't harm anything with their final look.

    Nice work on this kit and a good result.

  14. Very well done, Jeremy (@jmillan). Camo and markings came out great. I constantly have trouble with pre-shading, so I have shifted to using oils and filters after I get the color layer on the model. Seems to work better for me.

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