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Focke Wulf 44B Stieglitz

August 21, 2022 · in Aviation · · 12 · 0.7K

This is the Fw44 Stieglitz, a 1930s German training aircraft. This was my first Silver Wings kit, it proved to be a good one because it was fairly straightforward and encouraged me to explore other similar models.

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  1. A masterpiece, Max, down to every detail!

  2. Beautiful F/W one of my favorite a/c types! Nice photographing too!

  3. Very nice work on this and a great result.

    Back in the days of my participation in the antique airplane community, I had the opportunity to get stick time three times in an Fw-44 (a Swedish built version). That is a very maneuverable airplane! It snap rolls so tight one loses all sensation of forward motion. At the time I was building hours in a PT-17, which in comparison flew like a truck, while the Fw-44 flew like a sports car - ailerons on both wings made a biiiig difference.

  4. Seeing how well this turned out I’m not surprised you’ve become such a fan of these kits. Nice photographs, too.

  5. Max,

    Some strong work going on in the build dept. With some neat, tight painting, rigging and the wind screens look very convincing. The photography with the force perspective and neutral lighting showing the model out doors on a grass back round with the trees lining the edges make for convincing photos. Which really captures the spirit or you get the impression that this is an airplane and not a kit. That moment of suspension of disbelief has been achieved. I might add the details on the engine and the prop completes the package.
    Looks like this project is a well thought out build and photograph model. Something that all modelers hope to achieve in a life time.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. This biplane is magnificent, Max (@maxw). I hate to disagree, but anything with two wings and rigging is not straightforward. I personally think it takes a special person to build a plane with more than one wing, and you have done an admirable job on this one. Well done.

  7. Copying all the above compliments, Max @maxw
    A truly beautiful build and great pictures as well.
    Did you use a base in the outdoor for taking the pictures?

  8. Gentlemen, thank you all for you very kind comments, they are much appreciated I can assure you. To answer your question John, yes I have a drawing board that I have added grass, grit etc and use it as a base. The background is the field opposite my house…….you can’t beat natural light in my opinion.

  9. Lovely work, Max. This would go well next to my Revell Bü131 (when I get around to doing it!) I see the company makes a ski version as well, which certainly interests me.

    Your kit looks great, well done... :-).



  10. Thanks Paul, yes a ski version was produced though I think it’s quite a difficult kit to find now. I know SW did a second batch of some of their most popular models a few months ago, like the Bulldog, but I’m not sure if the Stieglitz was amongst them.

  11. Nicely done, and great photography! Looks fantastic.

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