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Mirage 2000C, 12-YN, 1/12 Cambresis

August 1, 2022 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1K

Hello guys,it's been a while since I posted any article!

For this one it's a 2000 C from , I thought it was the time to post this one since the 2000C is retired from the French squadron (July 2022 ).

The aircraft is painted with a Tiger meet scheme (at least I believe, see the tail marking). I don't have many info about the plane (I didn't look for it, shame on me…) and he is from Cambresi Squadron 1/12 which was dissolved in 03/2012.

About the kit:

It's a former Heller kit, so I was not expecting much about it. But all went well, just a big lack of details on the under carriage. For the rest as usual I found a lot of details in the PE parts. The paint work was made with Mr Hobby paint, with which I'm happy.

Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to give comment.

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  1. Looks very good, Yann, love the paintwork. When I first saw your headline I thought you were entering a 1/12 scale model, but I guess it’s 1/48.

  2. That's a nice Mirage - one of the most pleasing airframes in my view! Finish work looks nice on this.

  3. Beautiful Mirage, Yann @yann
    The camouflage scheme is indeed very nice and beautifully applied.

    • Thanks John @johnb, I change from Humbrol to Mr Hobby paint, and it's a huge difference, really like this maker! Although there is some imperfection especially iwo the portside air intake, but I didn't want to repaint the whole area.

  4. A victory of talent and skill over deficient plastic. Looks good!

  5. Amazing result, Yann!
    Well done!

  6. Looks great, Yann (@yann). Glad you are back. I built the Heller version several years ago and thought it was one of their better kits. With your paint and decal work it would be easy to mistake this plane for the real thing.

    • Thanks a lot George @gblair. I'm happy to be back amongst you! It's not a bad kit but it's not so accurate and it is lacking a lot of details. But with the add-on from Eduard it does not look too bad at the end.

  7. Great looking model of a very hot airplane. Superb effort, and thanks for posting, Yann.

  8. Can't go wrong with a M2K, one of the most attractive contemporary warplanes IMHO. Lovely clean build Yann.

  9. Congratulations on the excellent finish. And yes, I agree, Mr. Hobby is also my choice...except apart from metallics, where I tend to gravitate towards Alclad.

  10. Beautiful Mirage 2000 Yann !

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