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Building a 1:50 Scale Truck Dock

September 2, 2022 · in Diorama · · 16 · 1K

I have been working on a scale for someone. It's a truck dock that will handle about 6 . Docks for 4 full fledged truck and trailer and two single trucks without their trailers. Lots of fittings with bits and pieces of XPS to get things to fit perfectly or close. Used lots of XPS to make the structure light but more sturdy. So far so good. The total dimension will be 60 x 100cm. I got an Ikea flat table board to use as a base for this diorama. I also have detailing on the roof, but have to do some painting first. Just commissioned a friend to do some 3D objects for me, for the roof. The 3D drawings look fantastic. Also going to be doing a couple of removable buildings just so the customer can be able to take nice photos without a disturbing background disrupting the scene. We'll see how the end results will turn out. So far things are coming together nicely. Part 2 coming soon.

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  1. Off to a great start, Charles, the 3D parts will be interesting. A couple of questions, the size is 60 x 100, is that inches or cms? Also, excuse my ignorance, but what is XPS? Looking forward to part two.

  2. Looking superb so far, Charles! Thanks for all pics.

  3. This is amazing, Charles @tiking
    Very realistic again, it is always difficult to judge if your pictures are from the build or the real one.

  4. You got the Modern urban / transport scenery diorama building down to the Tee !

  5. That last photo really "sells" it Charles! It looks like loading docks I've worked on. 👍

  6. Great work, Charles! My daddy was a 'mon back, he worked at the loading dock and said 'mon back when the trucks came in.@tiking

  7. Made some additions to the dock diorama.

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