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1:50 DHL Accident Snow Diorama Update

I've updated this diorama moving the trailer slightly more inward and adding hydraulic cables and snow here and there. I've always added or tried to mimic melted ice on the roads, in certain areas. You can see them in a few photos. I also [...]

1:50 Scale DHL Truck Accident (90% finished)

Yep, its's another 1:50 job in the works. Rikard Algotsson has Commission me, to build another 1:50 scale diorama. This time a snow diorama. Now this is my first snow diorama has I have never felt comfortable about doing one due to the [...]

1/50 Scale Weathered Trailer

This is the second part to the Middle Eastern 1/50 build I am doing for Tobias Oskarsson & Fredrik Hultman. I have just weathered the trailer and the tractor unit is next, that is why you only see photos of the trailer. I've also [...]

1:50 Scale Vignette Display

Something different. Just completed a display diorama for a customer. The scale display, is 1.2m x 0.40m x 0.40m in dimension. It is mostly for displaying 1:50 scale truck models, at exhibitions. I have come a long way and have done a lot [...]

1/50 ARRI D51 Japanese Steam Locomotive

1/50 ARRI D51 Japanese Steam Locomotive Fun build of nicely engineered kit. To insure a tight and clean fit of the upper boiler. Turned aluminum wheels. I fabricated two sliding pillars to connect and align the boilers securely.

Fujimi Spitfire Mk. Vb 1/50 scale

I hope this is okay to post a build I made many years ago. This Spitfire was built in 1990, my last build until I recently got back into building kits again. This is Fujimi's 1/50th scale Spitfire Mk. Vb...The later boxings will say 1/48th [...]

Mitsubishi 1MT Type 10, 1/50 UPC. Empire of Japan

The Type 10 torpedo bomber was designed by Sopwith designer Herbert Smith for the Japanese Navy. Built in 1922, 20 were built, it was difficult to fly and it could not land on the carrier with the torpedo loaded. They were eventually [...]

Fiat C.R. 32 Chirri 1:50 Artiplast – With some surgery

I like the spanish civil war as a modeling subject and recently I got an I-16. I thought that tere's would be great to add a C.R.32 next to it on the self. Well the I-16 is still in the box but these things always happens when someone [...]