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1/48 Revell A-37A Dragonfly

September 9, 2016 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.5K

This is the 's A-37A .
The kit has the same molding with the Monogram's. In Europe the kit has been marketed under the Revell title.
I used True Details' PE set for the seat belts, fuel tank caps etc..
The build was almost painless, disregarding the wing area. I had to spend a considerable amount of time on filling and sanding the wing joints.
The quality of the kit is surprisingly high for it's time and price range. Almost a Tamigawa quality!
The size, full weapons and tank load, engraved panel lines with recessed cockpit instruments (also comes with decals for the panels) make the kit a joy to build.
I used Gunze acrylics as always. First of all, I primed the fuselage, preshaded and than painted the kit. After sealing the paint with floor polish, applied the decals with the help of Micro Set/Sol, this time sealing the decals with the polish. This session was followed by washing the panel lines and the kit with artist oil (black, burnt umber) and finally sealing the whole kit with my SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of Tamiya Flat Base+Future in order to achieve a matt look.
Finally for the sake of enhancing the realistic look of the kit, I used wire to depict the antennas on the horizontal stabilizers and the upper fuselage.

Since I like the SEA camouflage of the era and with its CAS capability, I am truly glad that I could prioritize building this old beauty and finally brought it to life. With its size and look, it's already become one of my favorites among my builds.

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  1. Looks spot-on! Very nice paint and weathering work. I used to sit at the end of the flight line with my granddad and watch the trainer versions come and go at Craig AFB in Alabama (had tweets, along with T-38's). Back then, it was hard to imagine something that looked so benign and flew with a whistle like that as an attack bird! However, once you camouflage 'em and load 'em up, they take on an entirely different aura!

  2. Greg, I hear tell they used to call it the 3 ton dog whistle! That or the Tweet, or Tweety bird.

  3. Very nice, the camouflage is excellent!

  4. Great project, Emre. I really like everything about your article: subject, build, fotography, description.
    Pictures are taken outside in the sunlight, right?

  5. I tawt I taw a puddy tat...that is one nice piece o' work, sir...I love it!

  6. Nice Tweety bird Emre, glad to hear it together well as I have one in my stash.Like you I'm also impressed with the detail from a kit that old. Nice job and presentation

  7. Rob - Beautiful! You've done an old, underrated, warhorse some good! This is one of the planes I always wanted. I'd LOVE to have one to "toole around" the beautiful skies around here.

    I like hearing about your "SOP solution'" It could be used for several situations.

    Again, you've done a good thing & you have made a beautiful miniature. Museum worthy comes to mind!

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