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Grumman OV-1A 1/48 RODEN

September 15, 2022 · in Aviation · · 19 · 0.9K

I present you 's model of the OV-1A . The plane represents a machine of the 23rd special warfare aviation detachment of the US Army from 1963 in . The basic task of this unit was intelligence and reconnaissance. In its first variant (presented here), the Mohawk also had certain offensive (self-defense) capabilities, which in further use of exploitation was a stumbling rock in the bureaucratic circles of the Army and Air Force. How much this machine was valued and hated by members of the National Front for the Liberation of the South (better known as the NLF or VietCog) is also shown by the fact that a special financial stimulus was paid for its shootig down.

I don't have much to say about the model except that it is already well known and the only one in this scale. The fit is very good and the detailing is at a very solid level! As a minor problem, I would mention the unpolished plastic surface as well as the shallow panel lines, which can be a significant problem if the plastic surface is polished. What is absolutely reprehensible are Roden's decals, which already have a bad reputation. Rigid, semi-transparent, poorly reacting to decal setting solutions, prone to cracking... In one word, BAAAD!

I used the Eduad Zoom PE set (FE320), which is designed for the OV-1B, but with the modification of the control panel works just fine. I also used the Eeduard's PE set for air brakes (from the second set for the OV-1D), which significantly enriches the area of the air brakes. The rest of the cockpit is self-built, which includes the floor of the cabin, the back wall of the cabin, as well as hoses, cables and other small things... The painting was done so that you can feel the level of employment of these machines! The model is Hi-Vis semi gloss painted and has a glossy finish. I played a little bit with the degree of brightness of certain zones/panels on the model, and hence the non-uniformity of the brightness. Little due is from some old monogram model and the base is halved Eduard's PSP base. Gunza colors with weathering effects in painter's oils, tamiya washes, dry pygmies, wooden crayons...

In the end, I must say that I am very satisfied with how the model turned out! All criticisms and suggestions (as well as contributions in money, plastic, meat and sweets...) are more than welcome!

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  1. NICE! Well done, Bojan.
    Welcome to iModeler!

  2. Great work, Bojan!

  3. Very nicely done and detailed, Bojan, the base and figure add that extra something. I assume you mean “dry pigments” and not “dry pygmies”, it made me laugh anyway. Welcome to iModeler.

  4. Wow Bojan, that is superb work. I can only aspire to achieve that level some day!

  5. Excellent! Love the paint work and weathering - very realistic. I've saved this article as a reference for a build of my own...

  6. I have heard that the kit is a beast, but you seem to have tamed it nicely. I have to agree with Greg, I love your paint work and weathering, it looks excellent and captures the wear and tear of Southeast Asia to the equipment.

    • Thanke You Walt B!
      To be honest, I didn't have any problems with putting it together! There were more problems with the quality of the plastic itself: rough surface, too shallow panels, fragile thin parts... AND THE DECAL WHICH ARE AWFUL!

  7. A wonderful result out of the challenging Roden kit, Bojan!
    Welcome aboard!

  8. that is gorgeous work. I love the weathering and overall finish. I am inspired by your build and will refer to it when I get around to starting mine. Excellent work dude!

  9. This is an amazing entry, Bojan @djekicbojan
    So much detailing, I do like the wiring in the back of the cockpit as lot, very realistic.
    An excellent build to enter iModeler, welcome to this great community.

  10. Wow! What a cool post of a unique subject. Love the weathering and color modulation. Well done!

  11. Beautiful build sir! My flight instructor when I was I high school flew the OV-1 in Vietnam and this looks just like the photos he showed me.

  12. Really nice work on this. I particularly like the cockpit work. One thing in particular I like is you did your research and found the actual way the side panels open (way too many people assuming they hinge from the top - wrong!).

    Very nice all around.

  13. Really nice work, Bojan (@djekicbojan). The interior is awesome, and the paint and finish is perfect.

  14. An odd looking aircraft. Great job on the build!

  15. Thank you all for the wonderful words and the warm welcome!

  16. Nice job, Bojan!

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