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Italeri 1/48 Aermacchi MB-326 ( Brazilian Air Force AT-26 Xavante)

September 5, 2022 · in Aviation · · 32 · 1.3K


This is the Aermacchi , a reboxed kit released by , which has been around for quite sometime now. Not a very detailed or free of issues one, but since we have no other choices...

Cockpit, seats and wheel bay areas very, very simple, so I went for resin seats (the kit's are too small actually) and, to match the Brazilian built version, I also got larger tip tanks from a local provider. And, of course, extra decals set.

These birds, built under license by EMBRAER, were extensively used here in Brazil from 1972 until 2011, mainly in the advanced fighter training role, but also for light ground attack and tactical reconnaissance missions (as this build replicates).
For that, a Vinten pod, with a set of four cameras, was used under the left wing.

Painted with Gunze Aqueous, I've tried to weather it just enough to show the intense, but also careful use, so not too many scratches, just the expected faded paint.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Really nice paintwork, George. A great result with this old chestnut.

  2. A wonderful build, George! You surely took the most out of this oldie of a kit! Painting and weathering represent exactly the intense but careful use. Thanks for all historic details.

  3. Very ice, George. Love the paint and weathering. It all looks great.

  4. Came here to say the same thing as Tom, clean build, and paintwork looks great!
    Thanks for sharing George!

  5. Beautifully detailed work , George. I like the cockpit, restrained weathering and flawless decal application. The hanger setting is cool as well. It must have taken some real craftsmanship to create that.

  6. Fantastic result. Looks great in Brazilian markings

  7. Fully agree on all the previous comments, George @george72
    The weathering turned out great as well.

  8. Great job George... your camouflage and weathering are excellent. The South African Air Force also built many under Licence and called them Impala's, so nice to see such a recognizable aircraft.

  9. Definitely enjoy viewing this Brazilian Beauty, George. Fantastic looking build, great looking paint work!

  10. It looks great, George, your excellent work, coupled with the photography, really set it off. P.S. Can we have a George group build do you think?

  11. Wow! 🤩 @george72, Most excellent scale modeling George! That does look great. 🤗

  12. Excellent build - love the paint and weathering work. Well done!

  13. I love that plane. Too bad no new molds come out. great job for such a bad material.

  14. Well done, George (@george72). The work you did on the paint is perfect. Nice job!

  15. Excellent work, George!

  16. Wow George, excellent painting - the weathering is really fantastic.

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