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1/48 Heinkel He-162A Volksjaeger

December 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 30 · 1.1K

In its brief operational role, the small fighter made a lasting impression thanks to its revolutionary design.

Of the four models presented here, one is 's and the rest are kits. Both are very good kits. Yet, I had to replace Tamiya's tail unit with a spare Dragon unit because Tamiya's horizontal stabilizer dimensions are wrong. While the engineering of Tamiya's kit is better the model is slightly heavier built than Dragon's probably to support the engine parts. Proportionally, the outlines of the aircraft seem to me slender like those of the Dragon kit.

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  1. All are fantastic, Rafi!

  2. A beautiful set of Volksjägers, Rafi @blackmopane
    The one with the opened engine cover looks amazing, great detailing.
    Having seen one in real I can say that your builds are perfect copies.
    Well done.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. @blackmopane
    I like this one, the unfinished paintwork of this aircraft makes it a challenge to build, but rewards the skilled hands in the end.
    Just what is wrong with the tail parts exactly?

  4. Thank you Pedro
    Tail parts are too small

  5. Having seen the real one at Chino many times, I can echo @johnb that you got these models right, @blackmopane. Excellent work.

  6. Well done, Rafi. Love the line up shot.

  7. I've built a Tamiya "Spatz" a few years ago and it was a pleasure , I'll try a Dragon kit following your recommendation. Great builds!

  8. They all look great, Rafi. Nice work simulating the putty on the unpainted one.

  9. Amazing work on all of them, you've done an excellent job painting and weathering on them.

  10. Wow! @blackmopane, Great looking group of Volksjaegers! These are very impressive Rafi! 👍

  11. Thank you kindly Gary

  12. Great result, highly realistic- fabulous work on all 4!

  13. Great job on all. You feel the Dragon kit is more accurate than the Tamiya? I've both kits in storage and I intend to do one soon.

  14. Thank you Dale. I think that the general consensus is that the Dragon kit more accurate. You may compare the parts between the kits and plan your corrections in the Tamiya kit which is better engineered so that you will have two very good models.

  15. Quite the bevy of 162's! They all look great - excellent work!

  16. Thank you kindly Greg

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