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2022: In Review

December 27, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 21 · 0.7K

Hi All,

The builds I completed and posted in .
Many thanks to all who took the time to check out my builds and post comments.
Also, thanks to our editors for keeping this site up and running throughout the year with very few glitches. Good Job!

Happy 2023 to all, with many blessings, peace, health and pleasant bench time.
Looking forward to seeing the 2023 builds posted by the very talented, modelers/artists here on iModeler!

As always, KEEP IT FUN!

1/48, Tamiya Republic F-84G Thunderjet
1/48, Tamiya Republic F-84G Thunderjet
1/48, Monogram Pro Modller, F-84G thunderjet
1/48, Airfix, Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 “Export”
1/48, Airfix Supermarine Seafire FR46/47
1/48, Tamiya, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
1/48, Tamiya, Vought F4U-1A Corsair
1/48, Tamiya, Vought F4U-1D Corsair
1/32, Williams Brothers Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk
1/32, Williams Brothers Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk
1/48, Eduard, Nieuport Ni-17
1/48, Tamiya, Fairey Swordfish Mk.II

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  1. A beautiful collection of 2022 builds, Gary @gwskat
    All the best for 2023 as well to you and your family.
    Fully agree that we should not forget to mention all the amazing work done by the editors so that we are able to post the results of our beloved hobby.

  2. Congratulations Gary! Your 2022 builds are of unparalleled quality. Thanks for sharing all these beauties with us. Wishing you and the ones you love a Happy 2023!

  3. Dear Gary @gwskat, your builds are a joy to look at and both an inspiration and intimidation a bit 🙂 That matte metallic look on those early jets is awesome but my favourite is the stringbag, of course. I got the Airfix kit in my stash but i won't do it until i figure out all the rigging. Happy new year!

  4. Beautiful work on all of your builds, great collectiin! Have a great 2023.

  5. @gwskat - Wow Gary, your 2022 build output is absolutely stunning and gorgeous - all of them. The Swordfish is definitely the icing on the cake. Next time you’re messing around with sprues n glues, check out the new remix of “Revolver” by Sir Martin’s son, Giles.

    Another Airfix winner is that maple leaf Sea Fury which I’ve admired ever since you first posted it. Yours (and George Blair’s current WIP in the Hawker Group) has finally made me pull the trigger and order one of these up along with some Barracuda goodies. I already have the resin wheels and a new sheet of Hannants’ decals, so I better get going.

    Top of the New Year to you!

  6. Some truly great builds. I especially like the WWI bi-planes. Great work! Cheers to a new year.

  7. That’s an incredible year, Gary. Some quantity and exceptional quality. Setting the standard!

  8. A collection to be proud of Gary!

  9. Beautiful all the way around Gary.
    This amateur comes nowhere close to the quality of your builds.
    Hope to see much more in 23.
    Happy new year

  10. a very productive 2022! Are all the plank wing F-84s Tamiya kits? You're definitely a glutton for punishment doing two F9C-2s - proof that stubbornness and obstinace can overcome plastic - along with a truckload of talent. The Swordfish is really nice.

    • Tom, Thanks for the kudos. I didn't even notice that my list of kits did not make the text. To answer your question, FS-454 is the Monogram Pro Modeler kit with Taniya decals.

      The list has been added...thanks again, Tom

      • Personally, I like the Revell kit better. The shape is more accurate after staring at the two F-84 hulks out at Planes of Fame, plus there's not the hassle of getting the gun bay cover to fit - another one of those cases where it was designed to be open. Definitely nice work on all three.

  11. A fine collection of models for 2022 Gary! Really excellent work on all of them-thanks for sharing!

  12. The whole lot of them are beautiful and fairly well diversified. Well done, and cheers to a blessed, productive, healthy, and happy 2023!

  13. You’ve certainly had a busy year, Gary, let’s hope 2023 is just as good, and, yes, you’re right, many thanks to this great site.

  14. Wow! What a lineup of beauties Gary! Very impressive @gwskat 👍

  15. Thank you to All for the comments.

  16. Beautiful line-up! They are all immaculately done. More in 2023...

  17. Great line up, especially the naval birds!

  18. Nice output Gary, well done.

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