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2022 Retrospective

December 31, 2022 · in Photo Collections · · 45 · 0.7K

I normally plan on completing one model each month, but we moved last January from our house of 30 years into a new house in a new town. These are the built since the summer. Everyone have a great New Years. Cheers.

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  1. Great builds, George. Happy New Year!

  2. i know the feeling George ,making a move from a home that I was in for 9 years. That move took place in June. Still unpacking and organizing, but do have the hobby room set up and started to finish projects and start new ones. You seem to have your mojo back as the work presented are well done. Thanks for sharing, Happy New Year.

  3. Same to you, Chuck (@uscusn). Cheers.

  4. Those are some great looking models ! You built quite a few in a few months of 2022. I’m doing good to get 5 or 6 done in a year

  5. Thanks, Jay (@ssgt). I may build more than you do, but the great fit and finish of your models is because of the extra care you use in your builds. Have a great New Year.

  6. Obviously I enjoyed the motorcycle combination, George, but all your builds are outstanding. Now you’re settled in your new home 2023 should be a great year.

  7. Another superb modelling year, George! All your models are outstanding, thoroughly researched, built in excellence! Have a wonderful and productive 2023!

  8. Also in 2022 you added some great builds to your collection, George @gblair
    Your models are always build to very high standards and your thorough research makes them even more perfect.
    Happy New Year.

  9. I very like Your BMW!

  10. Hi, Bernard (@lis):
    I think Spiros (@fiveten) and John (@johnb) have a P-51 group build going. Perhaps we can join theirs?

  11. Late to the party, but great looking collection there. Loved the Fokker and A-17.

  12. Thanks, Bill (@billkoppos). The Fokker was fun. I have been doing some reading on the Spanish Civil War and have done a couple of planes from the period, and I would like to do 2 or 3 more. They had some really cool stuff floating around. The A-17A wasn't quite as much fun, lots of masking. Have a great New Year.

  13. A nice mix of builds, all nicely done!

  14. Thanks, Greg (@gkittinger). Have a great New Year.

  15. Great group, George. That A-17 is a unique model and a real standout.

  16. Gotta love that BMW George, one of the best I've seen. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

  17. Thanks, Tom (@tom-bebout). Spiros asked me to join a motorcycle group that he started. I knew nothing about motorcycles, but I joined anyway. It was a lot more complex than I thought it would be. Have a great New Year.

  18. Well done George.

  19. Thanks, Allan (@kalamazoo). Australia has some really great paint schemes on their planes. I think this plane was the only one that carried this paint scheme. Cheers.

  20. There were two in blue for air display, WH588 - 114 and WH589 - 115, both sold to Lloyd A Hamilton, Santa Rosa, California in 1963, there was also a warbird in this scheme, could be what yours is based on, ---------
    a pic of mine, will post soon !

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Thanks, Allan (@kalamazoo). Thanks for the info. I thought there might be more than one, but all of the photos I could find online were of 115. The model in the photo is really nice. Is it 1/48 or 1/72?

      • A couple more pic's showing the other one as well, I really only do 1/72.

        2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

        • Thanks for the photos, Allan (@kalamazoo). The photos confirm two things: There was more than one plane in the blue paint scheme, and they were kept very clean. Do you know if they were used as static displays at airshows, or if they had some kind of aerial display?

  21. Great builds George and they are all super nice too. Have a great 2023!

  22. Thanks, Bob (@v1pro). You have a great year, also.

  23. G'day George (@gblair),
    A great and diverse collection.
    I enjoyed following along on the Il-2 build - the first of mine is nearly completed and the other coming along.
    Have a great 2023.

  24. Thanks, Michael (@michaelt). The IL-2 was fun trying to get the right appearance. Looking forward to seeing yours. Have a great New Year.

  25. Thanks, Allan (@kalamazoo). I found a thread on Britmodeler where they seem to have collected all of their info on the Sea Fury. Lot's of interesting info there, even a video of carrier ops in the Korean War.

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