The Class of 2022.

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During all of 2021, I did not complete one model. Not one. Was a disappointing year as far as model building was concerned. My usual output each year, a modest four or five complete builds, with a couple started, maybe one sent to the 'Shelf of Doom', maybe not.

This year, 2022, has been a personal best, with seven complete, (Almost eight) and a couple of kits started, and one other removed from the previously mentioned, 'Shelf of Doom'. I am looking forward to pushing my output within the coming year, to increase the number of complete builds, plus starts and maybe a few more off the shelf of doom. I guess we'll see.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and above all else, a Safe New Year!

Here are the completions I have for 2022. All are in 1:48 scale:
1) Hasegawa- Nakajima Ki-27IIb 'Nate', 1st Chutai, 11th Sentai, Flown by Capt Shimada Kenji, Nomanhan, 1939.
2) Hobby Boss- Grumman F4F-4 "Wildcat", VF-3, USS Yorktown, LCDR James S. 'Jimmy' Thatch, Battle of Midway,
4 June, 1942.
3) Tamiya- Republic P-47D-11Re, "Thunderbolt", 61st FS, 56th FG, 8th AAF, Col. Francis S. 'Gabby' Gabreski,
Halesworth UK, March 1944.
4) Hobby Boss- Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9, 3rd Staffel, JG26, Flenberg Germany, Oblt Hans Dorntenmann,
22 February 1945.
5) Accurate Miniatures- Grumman (Eastern Air Craft) TBM-3, "Avenger", VT-83, USS Essex, September 1945.
6) Tamiya- DeHavilland "Mosquito" Mk.VI FB, No 418 Squadron RCAF, Holmsley South, UK, April 1944.
Crewed by: P/O John Phillip DFC and F/O Bernard Job
7) Hasegawa- Bell P-400 "Airacobra", (Ex RAF, BW-151) 67th FS, 347th FG, 13th AAF, Henderson Field,
Guadalcanal, September, 1942.

2023 plans...
finishing a Trumpeter 1:32 SBD-5
Finishing a Hasegawa Spitfire Vb Trop from the shelf of doom
and starting the Eduard's 1:48 scale F4F-3, A6M2, a Dragon 1:48 Ju-188E , a Hasegawa 1:48 Pete, maybe a Ki-44, and a Rodan Gladiator from Crete. There are a couple others too, and being retired, I hope to hit these goals. again, we'll see. Men plan and God Laughs.

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  1. Hey Frederick, that’s a very nice collection. I know exactly what you mean about being frustrated at a low output. Keep it up!

  2. A fine, productive year, Frederick! Looks like 2022 was the year that your mojo was regenerated. Your models are truly wonderful! Keep them coming and have a great 2023!

  3. Production was at a high level, Frederick @fjs3
    Quality wise the production line was at a very high level.
    Let's hope you can keep the production facility going in 2023.

  4. Congratulations on a fine year, Frederick, best wishes for next year.

  5. Those all turned out great !

  6. Hot stuff all. Happy New Year, buoy.

  7. Nice body of work.

  8. Nice collection and excellent production as well. Really liked the P-39/P-400.

  9. Very nice for a year's worth of effort! Great collection.

  10. Nicely done, a much better year Frederick.

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