1/72 P5M-1 Marlin Conversion Rieth Creations

January 17, 2023 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1K

I started with the T-Tail, Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin kit and purchased the 3D printed from (www.riethcreations.com/product-page/p5m-1-marlin-conversion-set). The parts provided a conventional tail with nicely separated elevator and rudder. The cockpit provided in the Rieth Creations conversion set is 100% an improvement over the crudely rendered Hasegawa pit. There are no yokes in the kit, the seats look terrible and there is no instrument panel or overhead panel.
The conversion included instructions and a template for cutting out the kit bow and blending in the 3D print part. The parts provided in the conversion set are very hard resin and as a result are brittle. Caution must be used when handling the parts and I recommend using a fine razor saw when cutting them away. No decals are provided but, that was easily handled by going to the spare decal drawer. Numerous references are available on-line. If you prefer a book, I can recommend this: (https://www.amazon.com/Martin-P5M-Marlin-Bruce-Barth/dp/096363321X)

I enjoyed the conversion enough, and after researching all the variants and markings possibilities, that I am going to buy another and build it again!

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  1. You were the first to buy and build the P5M-1 conversion set. You finished yours before me. Looks great.

  2. Excellent first post, James, welcome to iModeler.

  3. Very nice! Being the only one here from "The Seaplane Navy," I remember these well from "back in the day." This looks great.

  4. Fantastic result, James!
    Welcome aboard!

  5. Very nice build, James @jbpruitt
    You definitely impressed us with this result.
    Welcome to this great community.

  6. Nice work James. Impressive looking build.

  7. Nicely done James, welcome to iModeler.

  8. she's a beauty - well done!

  9. Nice conversion, that turned out well done!

  10. Great job, an aircraft kit not seen built to often.

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