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Curtiss-Wright SO3C SeamewCzech Models 1/48

After more than six months of no new completed builds to share, I've near simultaneously completed three builds... with a few more coming on their heels. The first of them all is a slightly different build, that of a less usual subject [...]

Sopwith Baby 1/32 Lukgraph

This kit represents one of the aircrafts ordered in August 1915 by Sopwith Aviation Company (Kingston on Thames) and whose serial numbers 8123-8186 were powered by a 9-cylinder Clerget rotary engine. Aircraft 8695 was delivered in February [...]

Special Hobby 1/72 Supermarine Sea Otter

Probably taken me 8 or 9 months to finally get this one over the finish line. Life just gets in the way, eh ? Really nice little kit, with a decent level of detail for the scale. Finished mainly in MRP paint, weathered with various oil [...]

1/72 P5M-1 Marlin Conversion Rieth Creations

I started with the T-Tail, Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin kit and purchased the 3D printed conversion from Rieth Creations ( The parts provided a conventional tail with nicely [...]

FormaPlane 1/72 vacuform Beriev MBR-2

The Russian MBR-2 was designed by Georgy Mikhailovich Beriev and first flew in 1931, this was his first plane that he designed and put into production. From October 1934 to 1968, he ran the Central Design Office for marine aircraft in [...]

IJN seaplane tender Kamoi

dear friends, this weekend I completed two jobs that I have been working on for months, you saw the first one yesterday (U-boo type VIIc), this was much more challenging. The IJN seaplane tender Kamoi by Niko model was buil out of the box [...]