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Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules, 37Squadron, RAAF Richmond

This kit started life as an Italeri boxing of the AMT/Esci AC-130H. It is hard to believe I started it back in 2017 (well not that hard with my track record). The conversion involved: Plugging the 'AC' holes Lengthened the fuselage for [...]

Spitfire Mk XII

This is the 1/32 Revell Mk IX kit converted to the Mk XII. It represents one flown by R H Harries in No. 91 Squadron. He was the top ace in Griffon engined Spitfires with 10/1 of his 15+3 sh/2/5? I used the Grey Matters Mk XII conversion [...]

1/72 P5M-1 Marlin Conversion Rieth Creations

I started with the T-Tail, Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin kit and purchased the 3D printed conversion from Rieth Creations ( The parts provided a conventional tail with nicely [...]

Spitfire PR Type IB

Here is my latest Spitfire a PR Type IB. This was a simple conversion from an Airfix 1/48th Scale MK.I. I used the gear doors, entry door, prop, and spinner from Eduard. The bulged sliding canopy came from Falcon's "Spitfire [...]

Eduard 1/48 Seafire F. Mk. IIc (conversion)

The Airplane: Writing in his memoir, “They Gave me a Seafire,” Commander R 'Mike' Crosley said: “It was inevitable that the FAA had to have the Seafire. It was the only fighter available that would fit into the new, low-hangar-roofed [...]

Unexpected Progress Vulcan B1 Conversion

Well, sometime things just seem to fall together! I thought that I had done my lot for today working out how to sort out the bombay/Blue Steel issue, when a little tinkering and the next thing you know, four happy hours have gone past. [...]

Avro Vulcan B1 conversion 25/09/21 update

Well, here's the update today (so far!). The Subject of my conversion is Vulcan B1. I thought it was a B1a, but it seems 903 was a B1. Now the bombay I intended to use was the one from the kit. But it turns out that the Blue Steel rode [...]

Avro Vulcan B1a Blue Steel Project.

Well, I just couldn't resist it. Despite loads of Leopard projects piling up, when I decided to restore my other B1a, I just HAD to start another one. This particular one is going to be XA903. This was a B1a that was modified for Blue [...]

Restoration Project, Avro Vulcan B1a

Well, the danger of moving boxes etc in the man cave, you occasionally come across a project you had tucked away in a "safe place" and then forgotten about. This is the Airfix 1/72 Avro Vulcan B2, converted back to a B1a. I used [...]

Unfinished Business – Finishing Off the Belgian Leopard

A few days ago I was sorting through my Leopard stuff and came across a few items of etch and resin. I then realised that they were from my Legend Belgian Leopard conversion. To my horror there was still quite a lot to be done, which I had [...]