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Airfix Hawker Tempest Mk V 1/72

January 14, 2023 · in Aviation · 28 · 0.9K

This is the new tooling Hawker Tempest in 1/72nd scale. Ak interactive and Ammo Mig acrylic colors with some panel wash. The finishing AK interactive matte varnish still has a somewhat glossy appearance. I painted the invasion stripes instead of using the decals.
A lovely kit, albeit a bit more difficult than a simple starter kit. Pushed my beginner's skills to the limit. I do wonder if the trailing edges were really this thick.
Thank you for looking!

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  1. Great build and painting. Especially stripes!

  2. Fantastic result, Felix! Definitely looks like a larger scale!

  3. The stripes really set if off nicely, Felix.

  4. Very nice, 1/72 kit builders are in a different league. Love the stripes Felix, decals are just not as good as painted.

    • Thank you very much Jimmy @hetstaine, i agree with you. I was pondering spraying them (the roundels, that is) but then my patience vetoed that! At some point i just want to see the finished kit. If only i were a bit more patient!

  5. Excelent result, Felix @fxrob
    This model looks much bigger than 1/72.
    Amazing work done on the painting and weathering, two thumbs up.

  6. A really nice build Felix πŸ™‚ great in 1/72 too

  7. Some strong work in the paint department. The black and white invasion stripes really make this build work Felix. My only niggle is that I can't see it in person.

    Two thumbs up.

  8. Terrific paint work Felix. You’re certainly no β€œbeginner” by the looks of this beauty.

  9. That's very nice, Felix. I have the kit and yes, the trailing edge is a bit thick. The way to solve that is, before you glue the wing parts together, sand down the trailing edge FROM THE INSIDE to get the thinner edge that looks better.

    You did some really nice airbrush work with this - I thought at first it was a 1/48 Eduard kit.

    • Dear Tom @tcinla, thank you very much for your praise! Since i am planning to the other decal version as well - which is a bit less flashy perhaps - i will try to do sand down the edges the way you described it. By the way, thank you very much for your advice regarding using flow improver for using ak interactive colors. I have been using it and it works really well!

      Now that Tempest in 1/48...Eduard got there first. Airfix missed out on that one big in my opinion!

  10. Very nice! Like others have said, my first impression was that this was a nice looking 1/48 build. Great work on it, the painting is very crisp.

  11. Great job on your build, and nicely done paint work. πŸ‘

  12. Nicely done, wish you would have included some pics of the underside. This kit from Airfix is really a nice kit with great detail. In reality, the Tempest was such a big aircraft that to build it in 1/72nd is almost like building some other aircraft in 1/48th. Same goes for the P-47 in 1/72nd. Compare them in size to something like the Yak or the Me-109 and see what I mean. So I'm curious about how you did the invasion stripes. Individually? Or did you lay down a square of white and then overlay the black?

    • Dear David @adamcda13, i was just thinking the same! The Tempest was a huge beast, especially compared to the small Schmitts and Spits. I will post a picture as comparison.
      I first did a white layer and then added the black stripes. I guess an advanced modeller would probably further add some modulations to the black stripes, i still struggle with that a bit, hence no Blenheim night fighter yet πŸ™‚

      3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  13. Nicely done Felix, painting is better than decals at times.

  14. Really nice! I only build 1/72 and appreciate the paint work on this - well done! I'm curious what flow improver you used with the AK paint...?

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