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Kittyhawk 1/48 RF-101B Voodoo

January 12, 2023 · in Aviation · · 25 · 1K

A short lived version of the . The parts do not quite fit together. But, overall it looks like a Voodoo.

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  1. From here it looks like a great Voodoo, Rafi @blackmopane
    The tri-camouflage is really nice.

  2. "The parts do not quite fit together."
    That is probably the nicest assessment I've heard concerning this kit. Obviously you've put sometime in, because that is a really nice looking RF-101! I love the look of your SEA camo, it looks very realistic.
    Your title says RF-104 btw.

  3. fit problems aside you've produced a fine model that is really sharp looking. Well done!

  4. An excellent result, Rafi!
    Love the camo!

  5. @blackmopane - the finished piece looks great. I don't see any fit issues from your photos.

  6. I love that Voodoo that you do, Rafi @blackmopane! 😁 Great looking aircraft model, my friend; it's the only RF-101B I've seen built other than my own black, Monogram version. Thanks for posting this beauty Rafi! 👍

  7. Thank you kindly Gary

  8. "the parts do not quite fit together." Rafi @blackmopane - you win the intertoobz for today for Greatest Understatement.

    Of all the bad (sh)itty Hawk kits - and the FJ-2/3 Furies are the two good ones - I think their F-101 series is their worst. I managed to finish one of the F-101Cs but the only reason it didn't end up in the round file after an unfortunate meeting with my sledge hammer was because I found a photo of one that had the coroguard paint really really weathered, and did that. It hid a myriad of fakakte.

    You have presented us a triumph of skill, talent, tenacity and just plain stubbornness over plastic. It looks good.

    "Ah feel yo' pain!" 🙂

  9. Thank you Tom.
    I cannot recall swearing much over this kit so I chose my words carefully...

  10. Great looking One-0-Wonder! My dad flew the Voodoo, so I'm partial to the big bird. Love the SEA scheme - looks great!

  11. Nicely done. Excellent camo scheme!

  12. The Voodoo looks great in that colour scheme, very nicely done.

  13. Nice work, Rafi. You’ve given me inspiration to at least think about building the RF-101C in the stash……

  14. Thank you John and enjoy the build.

  15. Nice result! the F-101 is one of my favorites. I have never heard much good about Kittyhawk kits, but as I only do "modern" jets in 1/72, I have been spared the trouble.

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