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Bandai AT-ST, 1/48 scale

May 23, 2023 · in Sci-fi · · 10 · 390

Howdy all! I havent had something to post in a while but here is one of my latest completions. I wanted to practice my groundwork and level up my chipping skills so I put those into play with this build. I also broke the concussion grenade launcher, so I had to make another one on my computer and print it out. Hopefully you cannot tell it is a replacement.

Tell me how I can make the next one better. Cheers!

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  1. To me all looks great, Ramon @anvil6
    No signs of having a replacement part on this build.

  2. It looks fine to me, Ramon, the ground work is very impressive.

  3. @anvil6 - Very nice work Ramon. I like the outdoor photos. The depth of field really works. You may want to vary the shade of grey slightly on different parts as if they had been installed at different times and weathered differently. Maybe a couple blaster burns on the front armor.

    • Thanks Brian! The depth of field is actually a happy accident that I just ended up embracing. Good call on the blaster burns and different shades. I appreciate the feedback, thanks again!

  4. Amazing job, Ramon @anvil6! Looks perfect to me, so I cannot tell you how to make it better!

  5. You only broke one part? Dang, that’s me in the first 10 minutes of a build😁🤨

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