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DR.1 Fokker

November 20, 2023 · in Aviation · · 37 · 202

In the words of Monty Python “And now for something completely different” :)-

I was talking with someone about Dave Deal's Tri Plane, so I searched for and came up with this instead.

I thought it looked cute and thought what the heck and bought it. It was an easy build and I added some painting and Tamiya Panel Line Detailer. I also took a stab at adding wood grain, and I'm reasonably happy with how the wood grain came out.

AND the big news is I did a figure….this is a first fro me I have never done a figure and probably wont do another, but seeing this was all in fun I gave it a shot. Not to bad. Even has blue eyes ;). The figure took longer to paint and assemble than the plane 🙂

SO without further ado…….I present to you the Fokker DR.1 & the Red Baron ; )

Signed……. @bikequeen errrrrr Fokker Queen 🙂 Enjoy

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  1. Nicely done and funny.

  2. Very nice, Cricket ! You shall have some pie!

  3. Nice job Cricket! That's an awesome little Fokker...DR1! Nice work on the woodgrain and the Red Barron too!

  4. Looks great! An egg plane and a visible kit, how could you go wrong, Is the Baron going after Snoopy?

  5. @bikequeen - Great build Cricket. The wood grain and the figure turned out really well. You should definitely do more of both!

    • @brithebuilder Thank you Brian the wood grain was really a Happy accident. The paint wouldn’t stick to the weird plastic so I kept wiping it with my finger…and go figure it worked :). Even let me mask It so I could paint the silver part.

  6. It’s certainly different, Cricket, and, most importantly, it looks like you had a lot of fun doing it.

  7. Terrific model, Cricket (@bikequeen). This tri-plane came out great, and the wood struts look very realistic.

  8. Very cool, the figure and plane look good. Nice work.

    • @gelleeb18 Thank you Mark…the figure was kind of a pain…although I painted it with flat colors it still came out gloss. I sprayed with with flat clear and that helped a bit

  9. Really nice, Cricket! Love the plane and figure!

  10. Looks like fun. Is there a companion Snoopy Sopwith Camel?

    • @bobd56az Thanks Bob there is a Sopwith but alas no Snoopy : /

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  11. Very cool little aircraft, Cricket @bikequeen
    You did an amazing job, for sure Anthony (Fokker) would have liked it as well.

  12. Simply charming, Cricket. I'm sure you had lots of fun building it (@bikequeen).

  13. My-tee cool, Cricket @bikequeen! 😎 😄

  14. @garybrantley Thank you Gary! Was a great diversion 🙂

  15. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 )
    This is so fine and a valid change of pace, I never saw this coming.
    Thank you, Cricket, I still have a smile as I watch it.
    Nice clean and sharp modeling and seems like tons of fun, good for you.

  16. That’s a lot of fun. Love the 50/50 finish.

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