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Rivets? I'll give you rivets.

February 25, 2024 · in Aviation · · 11 · 409

So found a local bargain place with some model kits. So snagged the repop of the box scale .

Talk about Brooklyn Bridge scale rivets. We got it so good nowadays. What amazed me was the framing in the clear parts were very accurate. Props look accurate also.

Threw the kit together in a day. With no painting. Only real gaps are hidden under the wings where the nacelles meet. Got raised lines for the decals but decals are of a different size than some of the moldings.

Might in the future spray it all aluminum and then use markers to color things and call it a gate guard. Fun change of pace.

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  1. Some old school classic kits ! $12.99 used to be a lot of money for a model kit.

  2. Yup, those were the days, David! Nice days! Your B-26 looks great!

  3. That HAD to be fun! No freakin' AMS to worry about. Now fly it around and make engine noises.
    I remember when I couldn't scrounge up enough dough for a 48 cent Revell 1/72 P-39.

  4. Back to the old days indeed, David @kahu
    Lots of fun for a day for just a bargain.

  5. That has to be a golden oldie.

  6. The A-26, and the B-25 from Monogram date from the early to mid-50s. Even then, Monogram was using thier theory in doing kits. Get the shape as close as they can, as many details as possible, and as few parts as possible ( no need to frustrate the modeler...)..


  7. Nicely done David, and it sounds like you had a good time building her. Just like being 12 again. I picked up their re-pop of the P-39 at a show for $10. Rivets and national insignia outlined on the fuselage and wings as well for easy placement of course. Added bonus is the swivel stand to mount her on.

  8. It was a fun change of pace for sure. But growing up never snagged a box scale kit as I was already building the Monogram P-51D and P-39 among others.

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