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Tamiya 1/48 Bf109 E3

February 17, 2024 · in Aviation · · 10 · 218

This Is a very easy model to assemble. Only a few issues. Decals were very good to apply.

This represents the 109E of Adolf Galland in France in August 1940 well before his Mickey Mouse marked planes. I found several online photos of this plane and the model seems accurate as to colors and markings.

All paints are Vallejo Air. The only issue was that one of the horizontal tail supports was broken and the broken portion was missing. I cut pieces of a small paper clip and made matching replacements.

A pretty fair result for my abilities. As always my photos are poor.

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  1. Nice 109, Mark. I still think that’s the best all around 109E kit available.

  2. You’ve done a nice job building this 109… I like the paint scheme you chose for it

  3. I tried to follow the paint scheme of the photos I found of this plane. Interestingly the splinter camo along the back of the fuselage is very narrow but that’s true to the photos. So much mor blue on the sides than I would have thought. But again this is the 1940 scheme and it seems the German planes changed often and by region. Makes it fun.

  4. You've done a very nice nob, Mark and I like your photos!
    Well done!

  5. An excellent job done, Mark @markhedrick
    The early 109E's are one of my favorite aircraft and you clearly showed that.

  6. Nice work Mark (@markhedrick). It looks great. I love the colours on this version.

    This was the kit I wanted to get from my local, but couldn't get it - I think this one is now obsolete in favour of the yellow nose Emil kit that Tamiya do, which is the one I ended up doing instead. It can still be sourced on places like eBay and Amazon.

    I did notice that there were some fit issues on the canopy with the Tamiya kit, but as I had it open, I felt I got away with it. Had I closed it, I don't think there'd have been enough room between the forward canopy and the middle section.

  7. The canopy issues were as you say and if the photos were clearer you could see the less than perfect fit.

  8. Nice build, I like the early paint scheme.

  9. Looks great Mark! The E is my favorite version of the 109 - just that iconic Battle of Britain look.

  10. this same plane was used by finnish fighters on june 30 1944. Anyway nice model!😊😊😊

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