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Yellow 5 flown by Horst Petzschler.

March 24, 2024 · in Aviation · · 12 · 271

This is the old 1:48 scale G-10 with wings from 's 109 series (The more modern issue from the 1990ies). This is my representation of the plane flown by Horst Petzschler.

This is what Horst Petzschler later told about the event that took place on May 4th 1945.

"My goal was to fly to Copenhagen where JG 51's headquarters were already located. During takeoff from a primitive airstrip east of Danzig, my drop tank was damaged and leaked fuel for the rest of the journey. Approximately 5-10 minutes from Copenhagen, the fuel was nearly depleted, and with water below, I decided to attempt a landing in Sweden. I managed to locate the Bulltofta airfield outside Malmö on my last drops of fuel. I performed a gliding landing with the engine stopped. I was surprisingly well received, not even your anti-aircraft artillery fired at me. I now understood that the Second World War was over for me."

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  1. Very attractive rendition of this subject. I remember it being on the dust jacket cover of Monogram's Luftwaffe in Sweden title.

  2. Very nice, Pablo!
    Excellent painting!
    Great story, too!

  3. Nice looking 109 and interesting story behind it.

  4. Interesting story and very nice model.

  5. Great 109, Pablo @pablojcpons
    Interesting story from Horst as well.

  6. Great 109 Pablo. Looked like those Fujimi wings fit that Revell kit pretty well, nice job. The story is great too. I wonder how many aircrew from both sides finished out the war in Sweden after emergency landings and such? I think I have some resurch in my future. 😉

  7. Thank you all for the feed back. Here is a link to further reading for those of you who want to find out more.
    About the wings - One can also use Hobbycraft/Academy wings on the Revell airframe but then the flaps etc. aren't separate.

  8. Good looking 109!

  9. Nice build and interesting story.

  10. That turned out very nicely ! The paint looks fantastic.

  11. Hello and thank you all for the comments on my build.
    I will post more builds in the future.

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