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USS Ethan Allen

Before seeing Dan Lee's build of the USS Thresher, I had not heard of MicroMir models. I've always had a fondness for modern subs (especially when needing a simple modeling recharge) and Dan's excellent job compelled me to order a kit. I decided to try the Ethan Allen, a that was later converted to an attack boat under the SALT II treaty.

It's a modern kit. Doesn't get much simpler: two hull halves, three parts for the sail (four if you pay attention to the directions, unlike me, and add the center support piece), six for the rudders and diving planes, some periscope masts and finally a photo etched screw to be sandwiched between the hull and tail-cone. I did have a little work to do as this is has the qualities of a limited run kit. But it only took a little filler and sanding. Then it was on to painting!

I used Mr. Color Cowling Color for the topside black and Tamiya Hull Red for the bottom. Some oil dot filters and a light gray wash finished it up.

I liked it so much I ordered three more and a 1/144 USS Monitor. I'm looking forward to all of them!

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  1. Looks spectacular, Scott!

  2. A fine looking submarine, Scott @guitarhack5

  3. The Ethan Allen turned out excellent! The weathering makes it.
    Same with me. I started out with just one and then afterwards bought several more.
    What 3 subs?

  4. Thanks, Dan! The three subs are Nautilus, Skipjack, and Sturgeon (which is just about ready for paint as you can see). I also ordered a Virginia from HobbyBoss. I’ve gone all in! 😂

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  5. The early boomer subs had a lethal, frightening beauty about them. Great kit and great photos.

  6. Nice to see they did a Polaris boat. Great result on a simple kit that wasn't so simple.

  7. Nice work, Scott! So do you think 1/350 is a good scale for subs? Not too tiny? Lots available in this scale?

    • I think 1/350 is a great scale for subs. Except for one experiment I tried years ago in 1/700, I exclusively work in 1/350 for subs. MicroMir makes a number of sub kits in this scale. Hobby Boss does too.

  8. No sub kits for me. The part counts scare me.

    Great job Scott. The painting and weathering really brought it to life.

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