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USS Ethan Allen

Before seeing Dan Lee’s build of the USS Thresher, I had not heard of MicroMir models. I’ve always had a fondness for modern subs (especially when needing a simple modeling recharge) and Dan’s excellent job compelled me to order a [...]

1/350 MikroMir USS Thresher

The USS Thresher was supposed to be the lead ship of an upgraded Skipjack class submarine design. Forsaking speed for stealth, the Thresher class (named after a species of shark and the even more dangerous Tambor class submarine, USS [...]


Hi Folks. This is my epoxy resin diorama of a submarine being destroyed by an underwater explosion. Hope you like it. If you want to see how I made it, you can see the tutorial video in my YouTube Channel: 4THECRAFT

Revell 1/144 Type VIIc U-boat, U-96, the 'laughing sawfish'.

This is Revell's original issue Type VIIc U-boat in 1/144. I replaced the ladders and tower handrails with brass wire, thinned the kit winter garden and hull handrails, detailed the guns, and removed the round sockets that were molded on [...]

U-123 , Type IXb U-boat, Operation 'Drumbeat', 1942

Something different for me, I tried a sub! This is Academy's 1/150 Type IXb U-boat that was kitted as a motorized pool toy! It was accurate in size and outline, but very basic, had a huge, square keel to house a single electric motor and a [...]

Megalodon and Shark

A new job and a new experience. Fantasy style work. Megalodon and the world's largest atomic submarine Project 941 “Shark” or “Typhoon” in epoxy resin.

Shark with shark

Work in fantasy style. Above-water part of the world's largest Soviet submarine Project 941 "Typhoon". Underwater, as an extension, a great white shark. Product size: Length 340 mm, width 90 mm height 100 mm

Soviet submarine 949A "Antey"

Soviet submarine 949A "Antey". Product size: Length 30cm, width 8cm, height 9cm. The work is made of resin. The stand is made of glass 8

Salvage of a wrecked submarine

This Nichimo 1/200 I-19 Japanese Submarine was a Christmas gift to me from my parents in about 1977 , or so. Over the years it’s gotten a little “ war weary”, dusty, and beat up looking. I was considering finally throwing it [...]

Polar Lights Seaview Submarine (1/350 scale)

The theme for this month's club meeting was Sci-Fi and I decided to do something that I once made when I was 9, the Seaview from the movie and series "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." I have two Seaviews in my stash, one from [...]