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Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Avenger I

May 20, 2024 · in Aviation · · 38 · 373

The best kit of and among the finest aircraft in 1/48th scale kit ever produced. The scheme was inspired from a color photograph by Charles Brown that appeared in the Flight Magazine many years ago.

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  1. You conveniently forget the other genres of plastic kits that have been produced, not everyone builds models of war planes, Rafi.

  2. What a beautiful build, Rafi @blackmopane. I love the scheme! Must have been a huge bird.

  3. Super build, Rafi. I agree, the AM Avengers rock!

  4. Wonderful work, as usual, Rafi @blackmopane! 🤩 That's a lot of canopy framing to deal with and it looks great! 👏

  5. Really impressive work on this Rafi , the framing on the clear parts is superb.

  6. That’s really sharp, Rafi.

  7. That's very nice. Excellent work and a superb result.

    While the Avenger is a very nice kit and the best model of the Avenger available, in my experience it is tied with the SBD Dauntless series. Both equal. Neither needs any resin upgrades unless you are wanting to do the post-war conversions, and the only aftermarket needed is Eduard seatbelts (though the Eduard cockpit with p-e instrument panel is nice, though not a need-to-get).

  8. Yup I love the AM Avenger. Beautiful FAA build- congrats.

    As Tom shared, I will also put AM's SBD's level in quality and detail. I have enough of both kits to represent the different USN cam schemes throughout WW2 (with one FAA Avenger reserved in the stash), although the SBD was never painted in GSB with the USN!

    I think the next AM Avenger I build from my stash needs to be the FAA scheme you used!

    Again- great job on your build. The one thing I have found is that I need to augment those delicate fuselage door hinges with wire!

  9. Another wonderful result, Rafi!

  10. Great model, Rafi (@blackmopane), with of my favorite paint schemes for an Avenger. Well done.

  11. Excellent FAA model.

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    Walt said on May 21, 2024

    That is a great looking Avenger Rafi, @blackmopane, I really like the scheme. It is different and much more interesting the the overall blue that most seem to be painted in. Good work on the build and the finish, as usual for you!

  13. G’day Rafi (@blackmopane),
    Another great build.
    Having recently built this kit, I agree with your assessment - and with Tom on the Dauntless.
    It looks great in FAA colours, too.

  14. Rafi, Very attractive paint scheme and a very nice build.

  15. That's another superb build, Rafi @blackmopane
    Leaving the hatch and the bomb bay area open makes it look a bit more dynamic, very nice.

  16. Fine job, Rafi.

  17. Great build and beautiful finish are my sentiments as well. But I have a question. We know that TC has The Planes of Fame museum in the hills outside Los Angeles, but where do you keep all of your builds?

    • Thank you Russell.
      I sold many of my models. The rest I keep in 7 display cabinets and newer models are put back in the box after being photographed. I often take apart major assemblies to save box place.

  18. Beautiful build - I think that British war paint is the most attractive on the Avenger, with the Atlantic scheme running second.

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