Arab-Israeli War...1/48 Avia S-199 Israeli Airforce

December 14, 2020 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.5K

This is one of my dad´s oldest still existing models, built 10-15 years ago.
The old / kit, pimped with some Hasegawa parts and PE seatbelts.
Should Eduard really release their announced , most probably gonna build a new one.

101st Fighter Squadron in 1948 during the Independence War

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  1. That's a great build by your dad, Reinhard.
    Still looking dust free after 10-15 years is incredible.

    • @JohnB - There's actually an easy way to clean models.

      Get two old pump action spray bottles. Clean them out thoroughly of the previous contents. Fill both with tap water. Then put a teaspoon of dish soap in one - do not shake it, but swirl it so the soap gets spread through the water. Take a model, spray it with the one that has soap (which will loosen dust and other grime). Then thoroughly rinse the model with the other bottle. Allow the model to "air dry." No parts knocked off, nothing harmed, and a "renewed" model on your shelf.

  2. Yet another of your dads great builds - I like his style a lot!

    (In the latest 2021 listing in their news for December on their web-site Eduard no longer include the S-199. I have just recieved the AML update to the Hobbycraft/Academy kit, and will try to scratchbuild one from that - but fingers crossed that Eduard will send one on the market too)

    I'll hit the button on my way out of here - thank you for sharing!

  3. Another well done Hobbycraft kit, Reinhard.

  4. Great looking S-199, looks like it was just built yesterday! Great looking cockpit detail. "Like' button hit.

  5. Neat model, neat subject. Liked.

  6. Another beauty! I always though the S-199 looked almost cartoonish with those Mickey Mouse ear prop blades! But love it in those IDF colors - I have one in the stash to do.

  7. Nice work on this old kit. If Eduard doesn't bring one out in 2021, here's hoping for 2022.

  8. Great result, Reinhard!
    I have the same one to build!

  9. Likes and comments appreciated very much!

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