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Colonel John S. Chennault's 'Bengal Tiger' P-40E, Adak, Alaska.

June 4, 2024 · in Aviation · · 13 · 310

This is another Amtech 1/48 , built at the same time as the Robert L. Scott one (Claire 'gifted' the former to Scott, and his son flew this one!).
Every one of the 11 FS, 343 FG aircraft had a slightly different 'Tiger' head, and the fuselage stripe on some leaned backwards, some forwards! (and, yes, they DID have the blue surround on the star!)
Built with all the same mods and resin/vacuform parts, except the addition of a winter kit, the scoops ahead of the exhaust, and the exhaust pipe blanking plates covering the openings).
The Superscale decals turned out to be translucent, requiring careful masking and repainting of the Bengal Tiger head and spinner.

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  1. Another nice P-40, Colin. Aleutian theater stuff is always interesting.

  2. You are making some very nice purses out of these Amtech sow's ears. This one is quite the standout.
    Aleutian tigres are tres cool.

  3. G’day Colin (@tail-dragon),

    I built three of these AmTech based kits last year (

    One thing I didn’t attempt, because of time limitations, was to improve the landing gear.

    I have a couple more (Italeri boxing) of the P-40E/Ks that I bought since that I will probably make the effort on.

    I’d like to do this aircraft, too, one day, so it is interesting to see your cold weather mods.

    This, and your last one, are proof that with skill and hard work (more so the former) that these kits can be turned into great replicas of a great aircraft.

    (But I am hanging out for the Eduard P-40s just the same.)


  4. Another super result out of the venerable AMT kit, Colin!
    Well done!

  5. A really cool looking P40, Colin @tail-dragon
    Excellent work done.

  6. Nice work Colin, particularly the save on the Tiger head.

  7. Wow, really impressive build and lovely weathering!

  8. Well done, Colin

  9. That's another beauty - just the right amount of weathering IMO!

  10. Great build Colin. Love a P-40 Nice one 👍

  11. Very nice, Colin (@tail-dragon), especially on the Dragon's head. My Dad was stationed on Adak in the non-flying army at the start of the war, then was transferred to Europe for the rest of the war.

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