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Retired aircraft mechanic (Airlines) and former bush-pilot (Northern Canada).
Have been an IPMS member for 40+ years, and building models (and the stash!) forever

Grumman Goose (JRF) Mk III, No.13 Operational Training Squadron, RCAF base, Sea Island, B.C.

This is Czech Models 1/48 limited edition Grumman Goose JRF kit finished as an RCAF Goose Mk III. Grumman Goose 941 was flown by No. 13 Operational Training Squadron based at RCAF Station Sea Island, British Columbia. Prior to military [...]

Air raid Pearl Harbor! Tamiya's 1/48 A6M2-21 Zero

This is Tamiya's 1/48 Zero, (originally issued in the 1970's), with some extra detailing on the engine, landing gear, and an Eduard's photoetch cockpit set, with extra detail added. Paints are Tamiya acrylics, weathering with oils and [...]

1/48 Tamiya A6M2-N "Rufe"36th Air Wing, Borneo

This is Tamiya's aging 1/48 "Rufe",(released in 1973!) Its a nice, simple build out of the box, and with a little help, can look quite presentable. I tweaked it with lots of weight in the front of the float, added Eduard's [...]

A Pony with fangs! 'Tex' Hill's P-51b, Kunming, China, 1945

This is ICM's 1/48 P-51b (Tamiya knockoff) kit with bazooka's and bombs robbed from an Airfix P-51d kit, a home vacuformed canopy, detailed cockpit, brass belts, and a partially scratchbuilt wheel wells. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, [...]

404 Squadron Beaufighter, June 6, 1944.

This is my 404 (Buffalo) Squadron, RCAF, Beaufighter, as it would have appeared on the morning of D-Day. While Coastal Command would usually have used semi-armor piercing warheads, on this day they had the 60lb warheads for Flak [...]

M3A1 Stuart "Honey", 7th Armored Division, Libia, 1941

This is the 1/35 Academy M3A1 Stuart "Honey" in the correct 'Caunter' scheme (not the incorrect 'blue' scheme that Academy showed). Custom mixed Tamiya acrylics using Mike Starmer's formulas, RAC insignia painted, kit unit [...]

'Falke's' chevron aircraft, 1/48 HA-1112 from the movie 'Battle of Britain'Film star part 4

The last of my 'Battle of Britain' builds, 'Falkes' (supposedly Galland) HA-1112 with the chevron and the victory marks. Built with both the three bladed prop for the static and taxiing scenes, and the 4 bladed prop for the flying [...]

Film star! part 3, 'Red 6', 1/48 HA-1112 'Buchon' in the movie 'Battle of Britain'

Here's the first of my double HA-1112 "Battle of Britain" movie builds. It is a highly modified Hobbycraft kit, built to go along with my previously posted Hurricane, and Spitfire from the movie (best aviation movie of all time, [...]

Film Star !, part 2. 'Battle of Britain' movie Spitfire Mk IX (dressed up as a Mk 1)

This is the next completion in my "Battle of Britain" movie builds, the ICM 1/48 Spitfire IXc, modified into Spitfire Mk IXc, MK297 that was the aircraft marked as AI*A, flown by Squadron leader 'Skipper' {Robert Shaw} in the [...]

Film Star! Battle of Britain movie Hurricane

To round out a Battle of Britain movie build, I just had to have a Hurricane. So, I modified an old 1/48 Hobbycraft Hurricane Mk IIc into a Canadian produced Mk IIb, with a lot of scratch building, detail parts from a scrapped Ark [...]