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Retro F-84

May 25, 2024 · in Aviation · · 21 · 271

Some time ago I was given a F-84G by a relative who is a yard sale junkie. It had no decals and a build was started by someone, but all the parts were there. I'm not much off a modern jet guy, I like old airplanes. I had just completed a couple of Hasegawa P-26As in 1:32 and had some decals left over for the 17th Pursuit Group, 34th Pursuit Squadron "Thunderbirds" by Yellow Wings. So, my F-84 became a "P-84" with yellow wings. and with a little artistic license and creative painting, the 34th PS gained a new P-84.

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  1. Perfect for an Air Force "heritage scheme." Looks good!

  2. Looks really nice..the livery works perfectly..would be so cool for a 1/32 to sit beside your peashooters

  3. Love it, Chas!

  4. Very creative build. Wonderful pictures too!
    Really like this piece of artistic freedom.

  5. Your P-84 looks very much at home in this scheme. Very cool!

  6. Super-special. What's not to love. All good & fun.

  7. Brilliant. I love it. Thanks for the great photos.

  8. Perfect color scheme capturing the spirit of the Yellow Wing and Jet Age combined. Wonderful, Chas.

  9. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. That would have made a great heritage scheme, despite it only being from 20 years earlier.

  10. Chap, usually I'm not into this kind of fantasy (maybe I'm an old grumpy conservative i***t) but I must admit your idea was innovative and you achieved it brilliantly;

    So, "ouh la la, Monsieur"

  11. The old fashioned straight wing design with this colour scheme is so appropriate. Would look perfect on a P-39 also.

  12. This is an attractive sceme for a wonderful build, Chas @chasbunch
    The pilot clearly seems to enjoy his flight.

  13. Now that’s cool!

  14. Fantastic !, the outside picture looks like a real aircraft.

  15. What a fantastic paintscheme, great idea, Chas @chasbunch!

  16. Great photography, and the quality of work on that canopy caught my eye. Well done.

  17. That is so cool, Chas @chasbunch! 😎 What a great, creative scheme and result! 🤩

  18. Great imagineering, Chas (@chasbunch). It is fun sometimes to fling aside scale accuracy and build something just for fun. Well done.

  19. That is the most colorful F-84 I've ever seen! Nice, creative project.

  20. Very nice work and wonderful coloring.

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