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Very respectful, understanding, yet very analytical.

Never have consumed alcohol, never smoked and never plan on doing so, I am over 50, I have lived without them.

Been modeling since age 5, I don't see anything stopping me, why stop?

Very, very big on NASCAR. Also military aviation ( a vet myself), armor, sci-fi, ALIENS, dinosaurs, dioramas, figures. Use of fiber optics on models. Drawing and Painting.

I tend to stay in the " BACK of the ROOM " in silence, but I am there. Always am willing to help out, very much in favor of spreading the modeling bug, especially in these times of the cyber zombies.

*** Ernie Irvan - M&M'sGrand Prix ***

🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 : It has been awhile since I last posted any pictures. I believe I posted the decal portion of this build as a WIP by mid September. After three years, I am still adding to it, actually ... I am having a way [...]


🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 : As I stated on last nights post ( RUSTY WALLACE - MGD - PONTIAC ) . I was going to post the MGD THUNDERBIRD ... soon. Well , I found the pictures and posted them. Again, the YELLOW ( WHEAT HARVEST YELLOW ), [...]


🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 : Seeing that it has been a short time since I last posted under the HEADLINE side of the forum. I was sending these pictures to my brother, since his CD of my works was damaged, I saw that this model has not [...]

Thank you Martin

🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 : I went to get my mail from the Post Office today, upon opening my P.O. box, within the mail I got a notice card of a package received. I did not recall ordering anything. I, upon it being handled too me, [...]


Things here are almost done ( my room ) . Just wanted too share these images, I have pictures of the engine and of the interior, they seem to be in another DVD, I will post them when I can. These were taken in 2006, I don't use that back [...]


Another one from the past. The final laps of the race was a very tense and exciting one. A battle fitting for the coming FATHERS DAY, it was father vs. son, as society will call it ... MANO a MANO . On this model, the decals had to be [...]

Brett Bodine – Crisco – Ford Thunderbird

Greetings : This model dates way back. The pictures were taken some twelve or thirteen years ago. As a result there is no pictures of the engine but some work has been done, now that I am moved in and organizing things here ( home ), I [...]

*** Dick TrickleSNICKERS ***

Greetings : This model was done years ago, but is has held very good with the passing years. I do have the SNICKERS car driven by Rick Wilson. Hopefully I will post it once I find it ( the cd with the pictures, I have the model )

*** WHITE RAINDale Jarrett ***

Greetings to all : I have not been posting here on a more regular way as I wanted ( photo wise), my room is in a slight halt. I did find a few CD's with my models. This is one which my wife's friend like ( they can relate too the WHITE [...]

*** #36 Stanley Grand Prix driven by Todd Bodine in the 1997 season. ***

Greetings : This model dates back after the 1997 NASCAR season, while waiting on the 1998 season. Since there is no race today ( it was last night, Saturday night race at Texas ), I had a very good time finding and sorting things out. I [...]