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Professional psychologist, father of four, musician, modeler, lecturer. Tired.

My modeling defaults are building dioramas and WWII aircraft. Enjoy WW2 history, reading, single malt scotch whisky (without the ‘e’), music, good food, bit of philosophy, and general history.

On This Day…May 17th.

The crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress ‘Memphis Belle’ is shown at an air base in England after completing 25 missions over enemy territory on May 17, 1943. They are, left to right: Tech. Sgt. Harold P. Loch of Green Bay, Wis., (top turret[...]

On This Day…May 16th.

I can’t think of any better way of trying to capture the story of the Dambusters than just letting Guy Gibson himself describe the critical moments of that that famous raid on May 16th, 1943... “Terry turned on the spotlights and began giv[...]

On This Day…May 15th.

Squadron Leader Edward ‘Jack’ Charles (commander of No 611 Squadron) chalks up the Biggin Hill Sector’s 1,000th downed enemy aircraft, following a successful sweep over Normandy on 15th of May, 1943. Charles shot down two FW190s, while th[...]

On This Day…May 14th.

Beautifully shot image of US tanks of the 755th Battalion, awaiting the call to enter Coreno Ausonio, near Lazio, Italy, on the day of the town’s capture, May the 14th, 1944. ____________________ Rarely photographed Focke Achgelis Fa223 ‘h[...]

On This Day…May 13th.

On May 13th Ken Walsh of VMF-124 became the first Corsair ‘ace’. Later that year he received the Medal of Honor. Citation below... CITATION: The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pleasure in prese[...]

On This Day…May 12th.

Salvage crews working on a Junkers Ju 88, brought down during the the Luftwaffe’s attacks on RAF airfields in France on 10th May, photo taken 12th of May 1940. ____________________ Hurricanes of British No. 237 (Rhodesian) Squadron RAF in [...]

On This Day…May 11th.

Only in England...part one. In one of the more unusual ‘OTD...’ entries, two London firemen practice evacuation of animals in London Zoo in the event of being bombed; May 11th, 1940. ____________________ The Battle of Attu was the only lan[...]

On This Day…May 10th.

A definite theme running through the thread today. Hill 937, so named because it is 937 metres above sea level, was the setting of a 10-day battle between US forces and the North Vietnamese beginning on 10th of May, 1969. Better known a[...]

On This Day…May 9th.

This Blenheim MkIV (RAF 53 Squadron) was shot down 9th May 1940. The Blennie lost bearings due to ground mist on return from reconnaissance over Hamm and the Ruhr Valley. She was unable to locate the airfield and forced-landed at Laboissière,[...]

On This Day…May 8th.

A real ‘OTD...’ favourite, the Brewster, here in Suulajarvi, Finland, 8th May, 1944. This BW 374 had 11 confirmed ‘kills’ and was shot down on 12th June 1944. Lt. Taisto Mattila (below) was killed in the crash. ____________________ Victory[...]