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Adolph Galland’s final ride – Monograms 1/48 ME-262

December 31, 2018 · in Aviation · · 13 ≡

I thought I'd share another completion from last year. Monograms 262 done up as Galland's aircraft from JV 44

  • Rescribed as required (real aircraft had panel lines, joints, rivets filled and sanded smooth)
  • Open engine panels and gun bay panels rebuilt and closed,
  • Air scoops on engines and cockpit replaced with carved sprue scoops (opened)
  • Nav lights replaced with clear acrylic rod, drilled and painted for bulbs,
  • Cockpit detailed, scratch-built gunsite, controls, new rudder pedals, Ultracast seat,
  • Landing gear bays detailed, gear corrected to wartime configuration and detailed, resin nose wheel,
  • DF loop replaced with brass wire,
  • Painted with acrylics, weathered with oils and pastels,
  • Aeromaster decals (Galland special set)

Some of the photo's are from prior to rigging the antennae, hope you like.

... and a Happy New year to everyone!

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  1. marvelous job and artwork...that is a beautiful kit and you've worked magic with it

  2. Outstanding, Bob! I really like this a lot. I wish we could see your gun bay improvements.

    Well done, Sir!

  3. Skilled craftsmanship and spectacular finish. Quintessential scale modeling.

  4. Marvellous, Colin. She is VERY pretty.


  5. Beautiful job, and it speaks to the fundamentally solid old kit as well.

  6. I echo the sentiments listed above.

    Well done !

  7. Colin, an excellent looking 262. I really like your overall paint work. Well done !

  8. What is great about this build that it is a Monogram classic. Your not paying an arm and a leg for this kit and it has all of the fundamentals or the foundation for making ...well making this build. A old school approach to making a contemporary build which is right up there with some of the bigger established companies. Who came down the pipe line a few decades after the fact. Just get rid of the Tamiya model on the header and replace it with the divine M. Two thumbs up Colin.

  9. Looks great! Love the updates you did on this venerable old kit.

  10. Looks really nice Colin, worth all the effort you put into her.

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