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Tamiya 1/48 N.A P-51C Mustang 52Fg 15Af Italy 1944 +History of B-24H Liberator..

February 25, 2015 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.7K

On today's date back to WWII 71 years ago, it happened Today afternoon we gathered at the scene of incident that happened near my
It's been 71 years since the tragic Manifestations:
On February day 25,2,1944 was the third day of the offensive "Big Week" and lovers of history and builders plastic kit.
Prepare a commemorative ceremony of the dead crew members and event.
On this day we remember the exact time11.45h fall in the forest only 5km
from the city center.
B-24H Liberator, Duble truble, SN :42-29244, 451Bg, 725Sq, 15af.
Deaths are:
Pries Edwin.H-pilot
Steve Varga-lower Tureta
Mc Cord Joshep-rigt Weiste
Scalfidi Salvatore Left-Weiste
Abernaty Don-nose Guner
Tokarski Thaddeus S-Tail Guner - wounded and killed in the cities of the accident from the paramilitary SS Slownishe Landswhher / DOMOBRANCI collaborators / desecrated and massacred

The remaining five members shall be saved on a parachute and was captured and ill-treatment of collaborators later handed over to the Germans their masters.
Was shot down by the side of the Luftwaffe I/JG 53 Bf-109G-6.

represents fighter escort, unfortunately that day has not yet been reached only a few weeks later they already have bombers protect 52Fg Mustang.
And cockpit im use a True Details resin parts & wheels painted with Xtra Colors, Decals AeroMaster, but not perfect missing a lot of indications and badge im build kit 18 years ago.
add an image Liberators and monument em put it in memory with the help of associations Tito Partisans And a few souvenirs that are stored in the follower Museum, which is my last and research and excavations crash site
To remeber all that crew lost his life in WWII:

Smrt Fašizmu.

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  1. This is a great story PK. It reminds me of the B-24 crew of the South African Air Force that got shot down over Warsaw whilst ferrying supplies for the resistance fighters during the uprising. After the war a memorial was errected in their honour. A great story and tribute Pk. The Mustang looks great!

  2. Fantastic story. Well done and thank you.

  3. Nice Mustang. nice pics, nice story...which one are you in the photo ?

  4. P.k., thanks for remembering our fallen.
    Good work on the Mustang, really nice finish on her.

  5. A fitting tribute. Thanks for looking after the fallen.

  6. P.K.
    Beautifully done P-51 and I am touched by the tribute that was paid to the crew of "Double Trouble". A true honor and homage to brave fighting men. Thank you.

  7. Two things, P.k., first, the Mustang looks terrific, those colours really suit it, very neat job. Second, the story, it really adds something to the model and helps to bring home to us the reality of war.

  8. B-24H-fo ,42-7765 - Knock it off, 724 sq - crashsite: Pokojišče - Zavrh pri Borovnici, Slovenia.
    Now I'm working on this case This has gone a few minutes later in forests
    18km from the place where I live.
    I have already incurred the wrath of some residues if we manage to sell will fund another moment for this Liberator crew.
    From this it is ballout a 9 crew one is dead -69 years, no one saw where is
    the survey found Where i'm search grave buried beck gunner perised in remainds .
    later torn from the wreckage and buried in an unmarked grave Quisling troops SS Slowenishe Landswheer/Domobranci .which the corpse before it even robbed
    Fortunately, it looked Tito Partizan informants are marked grave and it was only a few years ago a document came into my hands.And I found it immediately informed the USA embassy and have already sent MIA crew
    to make sondage and DNA analysis.
    I hope that this year are moved to America.

    Smrt Fašizmu -Svobodo Narodu

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