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Nismo 350Z

As you may recall, I build a few cars alongside the usual military aircraft projects. This is 's 1:24 version of their old but still excellent 350Z Coupe (US = Fairlady Z).

As usual for a Tamiya car kit, it's perfectly engineered with fit so finely tuned that it almost doesn't require glue for some of the larger pieces. Build took almost no time at all, painting the insides however... that was another story ! - I knew precisely how I wanted it to look before I even bought the kit, and just for once, I've built exactly what was in my minds' eye.

Talking of the paint, I've used my 'default setting' and gone with two Tamiya rattle-cans - Metallic Grey and Chrome Yellow, simply polished with and off-the-shelf 'cutting agent', no clear coat as we can't get 'Gravity' or 'Zero' brands here and I simply don't trust anything else.

As ever please feel free to shout abuse, ask a question or make a comment. Have a great weekend all.


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14 responses

  1. Very nice Ian, is the roof and hood-top one decal? Il looks like it got the texture of carbon fiber? Congrats for this one!

  2. A real beauty, Ian.

  3. Wow, Ian. Excellent modelling!
    I almost wanted to send you over to ...

  4. Cool model of a cool car, I'm not really into Japanese cars but this one is great.

  5. Very nice, Ian...very nice indeed (first glance at the headline pic looked 'real') 🙂

  6. I'm with Craig on this, Ian - the picture looks like a real car! It would seem that the great folks at the Nissan design bureau were fans of the Porsche 911! LoL!

    Beautiful model and scheme.

  7. Very nice - and the interior looks great (except you inadvertently put the steering wheel on the wrong side... 🙂 )

  8. Thanks everybody, as ever really appreciate the kind words.


  9. Nice work...I am inspired to build one.

  10. A beautiful build!

  11. Nice build Ian! I like anything with the Nismo badge. I would love a GTR Nismo!

    • Thanks Richard, me too !
      There's a few in this wee town, all of them are either R32's or R33's and look very rough. That said. just yesterday on my way home from the morning school run, a satin black R35 with a body kit rumbled past me going the opposite way... not seen it before, maybe just passing through but it was bl**dy intimidating !

      (this is my R34 Nismo from last year - my first ever JDM build).

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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