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April 26, 2024 · in Aviation · · 13 · 289

Been planning (an putting-off) this build for longer than I care to recall. No problems with the actual construction, it's a kit after all so nothing to report there. It was always going to be as weathered as possible without looking like a flying wreck, I went as close as my skills allowed to the photo, and I think I did OK - pleased for any comments or criticisms on that - I used a little pre & post shading to get the basic 'tones' then a lot of time with various Windsor & Newton oils to filter, fade and bleach the paintwork. Extended the weathering to the engine splatters on the nose and all around the nacelles - in the old Ian Allen 'At War' book (my primary reference) you can see Beaufighters in general were filthy machines - and 'ground-in' lots of dark tones again around the nacelles to simulate burned and dried leaks. Scratchbuilt the wooden torpedo glide wings from plastic-card, then a little pastel work on the tires and it was done.

I love the irony of building the Tamiya kit using Revells decals, I eMailed RoG as soon as I saw that they'd done P6-S as one of their kit options and they sent the sheet out to me within ten days... just brilliant.

Very happy with how it looks, double win as it's D-Day anniversary this year AND another NZ build to keep the locals smiling !. Please feel free to ask any questions, make any comments or post any criticisms.

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  1. Ian, Great work on a great kit. I really like these markings, and your paint work is excellent !

  2. I think you hit the mark, Ian. Looks good and the weathering is excellent.

  3. Excellent result, Ian!

  4. Really nice Beaufighter, Ian @ij001
    The weathering does look perfect to me as well.

  5. Awesome build of a great kit - you nailed it!

  6. Excellent finish on this beefy Beau! Love the paint and weathering effort - really paid off.

  7. Love the weathered look of this Beaufighter!
    Very convincing.

  8. Ditto from me, Ian (@ij001). Your paint and weathering is very convincing. Well done.

  9. Looks great, Ian. North Sea Beaufighters are always interesting.

  10. G’day Ian (@ij001),
    This is a lovely build and the weathering is just right. Weathering is something I’m still learning/experimenting with and you have it down pat.
    I intend to build a sister squadron, 455 RAAF, one day (well, I have plans to build lots of RAAF aircraft, so one day).

  11. Great job on my favorite WWII bird!

  12. As ever, really appreciate the comments everyone. Thank you.

    Honestly not sure what's next - I'll either finish something from the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' or crack-open something that's been sat on the shelf since forever... or simply wander down to our only toyshop and buy/build something entirely unplanned !


  13. Never seen this plane before. Regardless, this is superb work. Well done!

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