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Hms Renown at Suez

August 8, 2021 · in Ships · · 20 · 2.7K

Generic photo-etchings with other details in scracth.
The main guns have been replaced with those of Rb models. I have replaced the chains with others made with copper wire and the fore and aft masts have also been completely rebuilt. The kit does not bring the ship with the corresponding radar and they have been made with copper wire.
The deck has been painted using a mix of Vallejo 70983 (Flat Earth) and 70819 (Iraqui Sand), also applying Black Wash (Mig 1011) and various pastel brush colors. The bow area and the secondary guns were made with Vallejo 70869 (Basalt Gray). For the rest of the superstructures, Vallejo 70990 (light Gray) and Humbrol 104 were used.
Small detaiils in boats in scracht. The wiring has been made with Unicaenis and also monofil veevus.

I have taken as a reference for the base a photograph of the Hms Howe in the Suez Canal and after verifying that the Hms Renown passed through there, I made a small representation navigating at low speed through the canal. I have made some small palm trees in scracht with sprue and cardboard. There is also a small boat from another kit to which I have placed masts and wiring, as well as small boxes.

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  1. Love your build, Manuel!
    Great additions, great diorama, as well!

  2. I'm not into warships but it looks so great!

  3. Beautiful build and supported by a nice diorama, Manuel. @kometa

  4. Outstanding, Manuel.

  5. Beautiful work in such tiny scale Manuel, fantastic details, I like it a lot

  6. That is some beautiful work especially in 1/700 scale.

  7. Thanks guys for your kind words.
    The ship is really beautiful, the construction is somewhat complicated, but I think it is a good result.

  8. Great job on the Repulse's luckier Sister. VG etch work.

  9. Excellent work, Manuel! It's a real pleasure to see.

  10. Classy looking ship! What did you use for your water effect?

    • Thanks again to everyone. The base has been somewhat complicated. There are numerous photographs of the Suez Canal where the color varies a lot, emerald green, tropical green, light blue, deep blue. The system is relatively easy, a cardboard base and different shades to achieve this blue. Then multiple layers of thin medium gel.

  11. People who can do a model this good in 1/700 have my total respect. This is superb.

  12. Excellent job!
    I have well in mind the picture of Hms Howe in the Suez Canal you are referring to in your article and your diorama reproduces it very well!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  13. The base sets off your magnificent model beautifully, definitely liked.

  14. Thanks again Peter and George. I'm glad Peter reminded you of the photography that inspired me.

  15. Nicely done, looks great!

  16. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very good sir! I am very impressed with the level of detail in such a small scale! Warships MUST have rigging that is accurate and in-scale. Like canopies on aircraft and tracks on tanks, proper rigging on warships is a make-or-break feature. Bravo and my compliments to you on a job well done!

  17. Thank you Bob and Jim, your words are very kind. I have followed in the construction the excellent documentation of Profile Morskie although it refers to the 1942 version. However, based on the photographs and other models I have tried to reproduce the ship.

  18. A great build, Manuel.

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