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1/72 scale WWII diorama Ka-Mi Tank Saipan 1944

August 10, 2021 · in Diorama · · 8 · 2.5K

Greetings all,

Here is another addition to my build list which is the unique WWII Japanese amphibian tank which was used during WWII especially in invasion of the Marianas 1944. The tank kit is from Dragon kit which is a good kit straight forward as the only downside was the tracks were brittle and seasoned as the rubber tracks have been decomposed badly due to time as the kit was released back in 2012. The grey scheme tank was an easy paint job with pre shading and weathering effects applied to it. The diorama base was made from clay and sandwich board to give the terrain look. In addition the vegetation and trees were added to give the tropical feel of an island in the Pacific. The river ridge water was made using resin solution I opted not to make it transparent as real water would not be too transparent due to surrounding. Overall it was nice project to build over the weekend and I would make another jungle diorama using the V150 Commando Cadillac.

Thanks for the read !

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8 responses

  1. This is a beautiful diorama, Mee @meewan92
    Every piece on this build looks great.
    Personally I like the way the water behaves near the tracks leaving the water.

  2. A fabulous build.

  3. Amazing diorama, Mee!

  4. That is pretty cool! Love the colors of the overall diorama.

  5. Definitely cool! Great job! 🙂

  6. I've never seen anyone successfully do a diorama of a tank coming out of water before. As @johnb commented, the way the water is reacting is extremely realistic.

    Never knew this tank existed before, so learn something new every day.

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