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F-84 F Thunderstreak KINETIC 1/48

December 21, 2022 · in Aviation · · 16 · 0.8K

by Giannis Asimakos

The kit

Opening the box found 88 pieces in light gray plastic and 7 in transparent. The strongest point of the kit is found in the realistic exterior detail that has a subtle line. The cockpit and wheels offer plenty of detail. The model fit is very good. The decal sheet is very good quality and they give 2 options for American all metal aircraft. One problem with the kit is the cross section at the vent inlet is the wrong shape. Also, the outer surface of the model has a slightly rough texture, which you should rub with fine wet sandpaper.


It all started with air duct. A mold representing the cross-section of the vent inlet was made with plastic sheeting. Based on this, the introduction to the regular format was formed. At the bottom of the air duct was placed the first stage of the engine compressor, which was made of plastic film and thin aluminum sheet. The curvature of the air duct was shaped with epoxy putty. The seat was made from scratch with thin aluminum sheet and plastic sheeting. The entire cockpit was painted with Gunze Sangyo's interior green and the cockpit area was washed with painting oils. A weight was glued on top of the nose wheel housing so that the model would balance on its wheels. On the exhaust of the engine were placed some aerodynamic covers made of lead. The airbrakes were drilled with a fine drill and their inner surfaces formed with thin aluminum sheet. The rest of the construction was completed according to the instructions without a problem and with minimal use of putty.

Painting - Decals

The model, painted on the fins with white as a base for the red that would follow. For the painting, Gunze's H-303, H-309, H-310 and H311 set was used as is, successfully representing the basic colors of SEA (Southeast Asia). The brown-green colors were sprayed freehand. When the colors were completely dry, all lines were highlighted with a wash (mixture of painting oils, Humbrol thinner and accelerator for oils) in a dark gray-brown tone. Also with oils were the leaks around the engine and the bottom surfaces of the fuselage. The model was sprayed with gloss varnish and allowed to dry for 24 hours. The emblems and codes were designed on the computer and printed on a professional laser printer on decal paper. Τhe warning signs came from the kit decal sheet. When they were dry, they were also treated with oils and wash to bring them to the level of the rest of the model.The model was completed by placing the hood in open position, tanks, bombs and other small details.

I hope you like it.

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16 responses

  1. That's a really nice Thunderstreak. The delicate work on the airbrakes, in particular, really sets it off.

  2. Great work Giannis!
    The SEA scheme looks great on the Thunderstreak !

  3. I really like this one. The ejection seat is a work of art and your paintwork is really good. You made a rough kit shine.

  4. Well done. Nice detail additions and reworks.

  5. Really nicely detailed @mfcg. The cockpit in particular looks incredibly realistic. I'm amazed that the pilot's comfort didn't seem to factor into the original seat design.

  6. Absolutely superb Giannis. Thanks so much for sharing your in progress photos.



  7. Absolutely amazing, φίλε Γιάννη! Looks 1:1! Amazing painting and weathering!

  8. Fantastic build, beautiful paint work, and added detail really takes this kit to the next level. Well done!

  9. Very nice work on this Thunderstreak, Giannis @mfcg
    So much detail, like the interior for example, all perfectly done.

  10. Nice work on all the things needed to be done to make a good model from this kit. A very nice result, Giannia.

    My experience of this kit is it began as something of a knock-off of the Monogram F-84F, "modernized" with engraved detail, but with its own mistakes as Giannis has demonstrated. When I did the Hobbyboss F-84F I was surprised to be surprised that it is a far more accurate kit in both outline accuracy and detail (though there are "clinkers" there to be found) than this kit. So if anyone is inspired to add an F-84F to their collection as a result of Giannis' superb work here, my suggestion is start with the HB kit. You'll still put forth extra work, but not like had to be done here.

    It does, however, help to have an old Monogram kit for "aftermarket" parts.

  11. Fabulous work, Gianni, your model is truly inspirational.

  12. Really nice, Giannis (@mfcg). The interior looks great, especially the well-worn seat. Exterior paint and finish looks the part, and your homemade decals look like they worked perfectly. I also salute your patience in drilling out all of the holes in the speed brakes. Well done.

  13. Very nice work. Drilling the holes on the air brakes had to be very tedious.

  14. Love it! All your extra detailing work really pays off handsomely. Well done.

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