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Into all things 1/48 WW2. Aircraft, dios, armour etc. favourite topics are, Luftwaffe, RAAF , Dutch airforce, BoB, and anything that flies from around 1925-1946 essentially. 🙂

1/48 Special Hobby CAC Boomerang

Finished nice and early today. My Special Hobby RAAF CAC Boomerang. Typical limited run... sanding, filling, sanding, angle grinder, sanding. Probably wont do another Boomerang in this lifetime, ( It wont come back ) but I'm glad I have this on[...]

1/48 Finemolds Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs

Fine Molds Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs completed. Nice build but the engine was a nightmare. Much cutting away and gnashing of teeth to get it to fit into the nacelle... but otherwise, easy as. Lol. Thats ... "aBabs it".. lol. Sorry . Worst joke [...]

Tamiya 1/48 P-38E Lightning Aleutians 1943

As most of us know, this kit is outstanding. The fit is so good in parts, you hardly need glue .. Spirit of 76 was flown by 2nd Lt John S Mackey of 54th FS/343rd FG Attu, Aleutian Islands 1943/44. With the harsh conditions, weathering wa[...]

Finemolds 1/48 Mitsubishi A5M2b Claude

Hi ya' My completed Claude. A fun build though the engine was a bit challenging to fit. In the markings of Hokoku no.132nd, Lait Go, No. 12th naval air corps, China. Love the striking red/bare metal finish. #finemolds #mitsubishi #[...]

1/48 Airfix Blenhiem Mk1

My first completed model this year... I think. Bristol Blenhiem Mk1 Green 139 RAF 1938. 1/48 Airfix kit. Went together very nicely. I'm so excited that Airfix has produced so many wonderful 1/48 Raf subjects. I'm sure they will keep them comi[...]

Amt 1/48 P40N

A quick easy build after my Special Hobby Fiat Br20. Amt 1/48 P-40N-20 Cleopatra 111 flown by Wing Commander G Atherton 80 Squadron RAAF Noemfoor July 1944. Very simple build. I almost didn't post cause it's nothing special but I enjoyed it,[...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Fiat Br20m Battle of Britain

Hello all. This was a labour of love. Alot of work but very enjoyable. This Fiat Br20m was from 5a Squadriglia 43rd Groupo BT 13 Stormo Moelsbroek Airbase Belgium, October 1940. Took part on the night attack on Harwich October 24/25. Hope you[...]

1/48 Spitfire Mk1

Battle of Britain Supermarine Spitfire Mk IA, P9368 'QV-K', of No. 19 Squadron RAF Cambridgeshire. P9368 was often flown by the Commanding Officer, S/L B J E 'Sandy' Lane, and was also the preferred aircraft of 'A' Flight commander F/L W J 'Farm[...]

1/48 CAC Ca-9 Wirraway

Hello all. Been a long time away from the production line, but I'm back at last. Just completed. My 1/48 Special Hobby CAC Ca-9 Wirraway from No.7 flight training school 1943. My pitop tube broke off and was never seen again... I will make a n[...]

1/48 Xungton Ilyushin Il-4

Finally completed. Ilyushin Il-4 A3 10th guard long range bomber squadron 1 regiment. 1944 Xuntong kit. Tough build. Glad its over but love the result. 😁 Hope you like.