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I am from Novi Sad, Serbia, President of scale modellers club “Ikar of Novi Sad”
My first interest are 1/48 aircraft models, but sometimes I like to build some other kind of models

J-22 Orao wooden desk top models 1/35

here are just finished two models of ex Yugoslav J-22 Orao

Soko Galeb G-2, 1/35

Yugoslav jet trainer Soko Galeb G-2, acro group. scratch build from wood 1/35

Cessna Citation I, Revell 1/48

Just finished, quick build, out of box, prescribed panel lines, sorry for bad photos

A-4 Skyhawk, ESCI, 1/48

Restoration of old ESCI A-4 Skyhawk 1/48 Decals are home made with laser decal paper. Some missing parts are scratched. colors: Hu140, Hu 129 & Revell 50+05

F4F-3 Wildcat, Hobby Boss 1/48

A-4 Skyhawk, ESCI 1/48

I just finished the restoration of the old ESCI model of the A-4 Skyhawk 1/48 (have to . I'm pretty satisfied how it looks now. I should put two bombs on outer pylons and exhaust

Grumman F9F-3 Panther, Trumpeter 1/48

after many years I finally finished this model.

P-47D Thunderbolt, Academy 1/48

my last model of ex Yugoslavia P-47D from Technical Museum, Zagreb,Croatia

F-86 E/M, Academy 1/48

My last work, the Academy F-86E 1/48 in Yugoslav colors. Markings are home made with decal paper + painting masks

BAe Hawk 100, Airfix 1/48