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1/32 scale Revell Phantom II WTD 61 “Flight Test”

November 11, 2018 · in Aviation · · 9 Comments

The F-4F version of the entered service with the German Air Force in 1974 with 185 aircraft used in the Interceptor and Fighter Bomber role. The combat effectiveness of this version was later upgraded with a conversion to the Hughes APG-65 multi purpose radar and AIM-120 AMRAAM guided missiles. WTD-61 (Technical and Airworthiness Centre) operates test rigs and a fleet of aircraft fitted with instruments and equipment for flight testing and data measurement from Manching airfield near Ingolstadt.

The job description of WTD 61 covers the entire spectrum of military aviation technology throughout all phases of development and operation of military flying equipment.

With the ramping up of the "Combat Improved F-4F" at the end of the 80's, F-4F with tactical markings 38 + 13 was transferred from the then JaBoG 36 at Rheine as prototype test-bed to Manching. During a one and a half year test phase in the US between the middle of 1991 to the end of 1992, the Improved Combat Efficiency (ICE) was successfully completed.
When the F-4F was retired from service, two of the four initial test aircraft were still conducting successful flight test operations with WTD.

The last flight of a F-4F took place on 2013/07/30 when 38 + 13 with 4801 flying hours took off from Manching sporting this special livery with Lt Col Ritter and Lt Col Geisse as crew.

Hope you enjoy it as musch as I enjoyed building this gem.


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9 responses

  1. Well this is just another example of a great build from you, fantastic build, great paint job, I love the color scheme. keep posting, its great to see some of your builds.

  2. Great looking Phantom, Tappie! Quite a piece of history, too!

  3. Phascinating Phantom!

  4. Great-looking Phantom! That's a heck of a scheme on it also.

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