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1/72 Aichi Type 99 “Val” Dive Bomber

Next in my trio of 1/72 1941-42 IJN aircraft was an Aichi Type 99 "Val" dive bomber. The kit was the 2011 Dragon/Cyberhobby, which contains markings for seven Pearl Harbor aircraft (two from Akagi). While the kit itself is [...]

Nichimo 1/48 Aichi E13A1b ”Jake” (零式水上偵察機)

Hi everyone! This is my Nichimo 1/48 Aichi E13A1b ”Jake”, built as part of the Empire of Japan GB. The Aichi E13A (Allied reporting name: “Jake”) was a long-range reconnaissance seaplane used by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) [...]

1/48 Hasegawa Aichi B7A2 (Grace) Attack Bomber

This was the subject I built for the "Empire of Japan" group build. It was a Japanese dive bomber/torpedo aircraft with a gull wing configuration. I built it as the torpedo version from the 752nd Naval Flying Group. Overall this [...]

Aichi D3A1 "Val" Pearl Harbour Hasegawa 1/48

Recently finished Hasegawa kit,with Hinomaru´s and fuselage stripes hand painted...hope you like it!