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Tempest Mk. V, ‘JN 862’, 3rd RAF Squadron, 150th Wing

June 6, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.9K

Hi folks,
Again, I enjoyed our ‘Belgian Sun' (which is not shining so often those last days) and decided to take few shots of my , built last years. I chose this famous day of the 6th of June to post this article. 77 years ago those brave men fought for our liberty! Please remember them.
The kit is the Tempest Series 2 build straight from the box, paint scheme is the plane flown by a Belgian pilot: Remi ‘Mony' Van Lierde.
The kit was not difficult, the only problems encountered were: the fragile cockpit cells which I had to re-glue all the joints and the marking code which is not clearly identifiable on the D-Day white band markings.
About the plane and the pilot:
The JFoZ was flown by the Flight Lieutnant, DFC 2 bars, Remi ‘Mony' Van Lierde, . Mony started his career in 1935 in the Belgian Air Force. During the 1940 campaign he was shot down by the DCA and wounded and spent some days in the hospital from where he could escape to Spain where he was captured and prisoned.
In 1941 he succeed to join England and joined the RAF 609 Squadron. Remi was credited of 6 victories and one damaged aircraft while flying with the 609 (1 on Spit Mk V, and 6 on Typhoon Mk Ib).
In 1944, in joined the 3rd Squadron where he has been credited of 34 destroyed flying bomb. From those 34, 30 were accomplished with the ‘JN 862'

Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to leave comment.

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  1. A very fine looking Tempest, Yann.
    This one is still on my wishlist and your build for sure moved it up in the priority list.
    Great remembrance to those brave people 77 years ago.
    Regarding the sunshine, here in the Netherlands we also have shortage this year.

  2. Nicely done Yann, really exceptional OOB build. Appreciate the pilot history lesson as well, and you calling attention to 6 June being D-Day. In those early morning hours my dad jumped into France with the 101st Airborne and lived to tell the tale. Never forget the cost of freedom.

    • Many thanks to you Tom (@tom-bebout) and your father. I was a bit surprised this morning while reading the newspaper that not even an article mention the 77th anniversary of the D-Day. I just hope that I was not reading carefully and that the new generation will always remember the men who fought for freedom. Thanks Tom

  3. The Tempest is a very handsome aircraft and your model shows off its lines beautifully. The runway surface looks a bit rough though, obviously not built by the Romans. Definitely liked.

    • Thanks a lot George (@chinesegeorge) for your comment, sorry for the taxy way, it's normally used by my son and his bike... But I found the background nice to take picture especially with the grass in between the pavements.

  4. That's a really fine Tempest, Yann!

  5. Nice to see nice sunny photos, Natural light really enhances your Tempest quite nicely.
    Thanks for posting Yann

  6. Nice work on this.

  7. Lovely work on your Tempest Yann - Great to see the Belgian pilots commemorated!

  8. Nice work, great looking Tempest!

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