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AMP 1/72 X-20 Dyna-Soar

They can't all be winners, unfortunately. But you can always learn something along the way. I am not sure whether it was the kit or me, but I ran into issues that I couldn't fix. The fuselage is very thin and flimsy and when I tried to [...]

1/48 AMP HO3S-1 Dragonfly

This is the 1/48 AMP HO3S-1 Dragonfly. Its amost straight from the box but some added seatbelts. The figures are bashed together and the torsos modified from Luftwaffe pilot figures because the closest i could get to a Korean War Navy [...]

Helicopters GB: Doblhoff WNF-342 v4, AMP 48008, 2019

After receiving the invitation to participate in this great helicopter group build from our friend Colin @coling, I felt fotunate to participate in it. Since my building preference is the WWII, I thought it would be difficult to find a [...]

AMP 1:72 scale Sikorsky H-5/HO3S-1

I generally build in 1:48 except for helicopters, for which I stay in 1:72. This is one of two that I've been working on for my model club's annual group build theme, "Rescue and Recovery." It's a Sikorsky H-5, the first [...]

The 1/144 AMP B-2A Spirit is now complete!

I completed the AMP 1/144 B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber. The kit comes with good details, has very good fit, and very good decals. This was ordered by a client who wanted it for a display in his office. The scheme he chose was the “Spirit [...]

AMP 1/48 Supermarine S.5 Schneider Racer

In 1911, a time when floatplanes and flying boats were barely capable of leaving the water, Jacques Schneider introduced the Schneider Cup at a banquet following the 4th annual James Gordon Bennet race for landplanes, for a similar race [...]

AMP Sikorsky HO3S-1 1/48

Lovely kit by AMP of this rather odd-looking but useful early helicopter. Being a fan of the non-mainstream I couldn't help myself. The kit is very complete in its offering; Besides the plastic you get a p.e. fret and masks. I did some [...]

AMP 1/48 Sikorsky HO3S-1 “Horse”

The “Horse”: The H-5 was originally built by Sikorsky as its model S-48, designated as the R-5 by the United States Army Air Forces. It was designed to provide a helicopter having greater useful load, endurance, speed, and service [...]