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Arado Ar 196 floatplane

Revell 1/32 Arado Ar 196A 3

Revell's Ar 196A is a great kit. It is highly detailed, a solid build for the most part without fiddly issues. There are only two disadvantages. The first is the lack of a beaching trolley. The chunky stand provided takes the glamor off [...]

Arado Ar 196 A3

This is the my completed build of the Italeri 1/48 kit, which was intended to be completed OOB as a little light relief from my ongoing struggle with the MPM He 177. It's a strange kit, quite crude and toy like in places with clumsily [...]

Arado Ar 196 A-3 Italeri 1/48

Ciao,this is my Arado Ar 196 of 1st Bordflieger Gr. 196 of the battleship Tirpiz. The kit is from Italeri and scale 1/48. was very nice built this kit and I haven't any troubles for the fitting. Happy Easter to everybody and have fun

1/48 Tamiya AR-196A Arado Seaplane

This is the Tamiya 1/48 Arado AR-196A German seaplane. It is a re-box of the Italeri kit. I did the scheme as one of the aircraft that was used on the Bismarck battleship. The Arado Ar 196 was a shipboard reconnaissance low-wing monoplane [...]


In questi giorni di "arresti domiciliari" ho tirato fuori dalla scorta questo modello comprato qualche anno fa. L'ho costruito direttamente dalla scatola e sono rimasto stupito dalla semplicità di costruzione. Non ho voluto [...]

Arado Ar 196 Fixed Wing in wood

As the world is gripped by Covid 19, and India is under a 21 day lock down with extension possibilities high, it was the best time to finish the Arado Ar 196 Fixed wing recon plane. Trying to make it by looking at the different pictures of [...]

Research help...Light Blue scheme Ar 196raider in French markings

If you've read any of my comments about unusual aircraft or schemes, you know I'm a big fan of modeling stuff out of the mainstream. I was recently intrigued by a conversation I had with a gent in my club, who described an Ar 196 used on [...]

1/350 DKM U-boat VII B & Arado Ar 196

I made a diorama for a short rest before performing a top-secret mission. Through Google Earth, we've referred to a lot of pictures of the Norvik coast. However, I feel bad because it is totally different. The color and transparency of [...]

Revell 1/32 Ar-196A-3

Done a couple years ago when the kit was first released, but I'll put it up as encouragement for the Water Wings project.

Arado Ar-196 Revell (Heller) 1/72

Good day. I finished this beauty. I am very happy with the result. I had a problem with the canopy, but I somehow solve the problem. Cheers, Mladen.