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XP-56 Black Bullet Czech Model 1/48 Scale

I started this project 8-1/2 months ago along with an XP-55 Ascender kit. These two planes were part of a trio of planes developed from a proposal R-40C for a new type and style of fighter for the US Army Air Corps. The last of the the [...]

1/72 MPM XP-55 Ascender

In 1939, the US Army issued Proposal R-40C seeking unconventional aircraft designs that would achieve superior performance, armament, and pilot visibility over existing models. Specifically, the aircraft would need to operate from a [...]

Experimental: Curtiss XP-55 AscenderModelsvit 1/48

Another one completed for the shelf, this time another popular kit from Modelsvit, the Curtiss XP-55 Ascender. This plane is unique for a number of reasons, but most obvious is its swept wing profile and its rear facing pusher prop. I [...]

Modelsvit 1/48 Curtiss XP-55 "Ascender"

HISTORY The Curtiss XP-55 Ascender was a response to Circular Proposal R-40C, issued on November 27, 1939, which called for a fighter more effective than any currently operational - with a superior top speed, rate of climb, [...]

New kit news – Modelsvit 1/48 Curtiss XP-55 Ascender

Modelsvit of Ukraine mark their first foray into 1/48 US aviation subjects. Their newest kit is the unique 1/48 Curtiss XP-55 Ascender's ( kit no. # 4808). It is now in production, and comes complete with 6 injection-moulded sprues, PE [...]