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A baby with amazing talents: Grunau Baby IIb school glider

To the original: Grunau Baby IIb Who would have thought that this small and inconspicuous glider was capable of setting world records? Especially when the type name "Baby" doesn't exactly conjure up images of great importance or [...]

A-4KU(AF-1) Skyhawk 'Brazilian Navy VF-1 15th Anniversary'

The 1/48th Hasegawa Skyhawk variants is a favorite model of mine. Although it has sparse cockpit detailing and some fit issues, the texture details are excellent. And most importantly, the model looks like the real aircraft when [...]

Sikorsky SH-3D – Airfix 1/72 scale

The Marinha do Brasil received the first four units of the Sikorsky SH-3D from the USA, delivered through USS-America carrier in 1970. These helicopters came to compose the First Anti Submarine Squad, located in the Naval Air Base of São [...]

EMB 121 Xingu II – Duarte Models 1/72 scale

The Embraer EMB 121 Xingu is a twin-turboprop built by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. The design is based on the EMB 110 Bandeirante, using its wing and engines design with an all-new fuselage, first flown in 1976. A [...]