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'Falke's' chevron aircraft, 1/48 HA-1112 from the movie 'Battle of Britain'Film star part 4

The last of my 'Battle of Britain' builds, 'Falkes' (supposedly Galland) HA-1112 with the chevron and the victory marks. Built with both the three bladed prop for the static and taxiing scenes, and the 4 bladed prop for the flying [...]

Film star! part 3, 'Red 6', 1/48 HA-1112 'Buchon' in the movie 'Battle of Britain'

Here's the first of my double HA-1112 "Battle of Britain" movie builds. It is a highly modified Hobbycraft kit, built to go along with my previously posted Hurricane, and Spitfire from the movie (best aviation movie of all time, [...]


And with the 109's in 1/72 rolling off the machine at Special Hobby, it is now the Buchón that is released. There are some nice details in the kit, like the pointy ferry tank they used for flights to their African bases. One rather [...]

1/48 Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon, Ejército del Aire

Built in 2015. Academy boxing of the Hobbycraft kit, mostly built oob. Replaced the crappy kit canopy with a Hasegawa one, for that some putty and re-scribing was neccessary in the fuselage area behind the canopy. Used a piece of sponge [...]

Buchon Scale Models/Hasegawa 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L “Buchon”

Spain became one of the first foreign users of the Bf-109 when the Condor Legion departed Spain after the civil war leaving behind their Bf-109Es. During the Second World War, the Spanish received a number of Bf-109Fs and in 1942 Hispano [...]

Stars of the 1969 movie “Battle of Britain” seen together for the first time! (1/48 collection)

Seen last fall at a model contest just outside of Baltimore, as the crowds admired the many impressive models attending the event, a group of aging movie stars was seen gathered together on the collections category table. An enterprising [...]

Attack of the 109s Pt. 8: the last 109, the Buchon – conversion for Hasegawa 1/32 kit

This is the Greymatter Figures conversion for the Hasegawa Bf-109G-4 kit, to create the HA-1112-M1L, the Spanish 109 with Merlin engine. This is an easy conversion, changing the nose and providing wing fences, 20mm wing cannon and [...]