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Grumman C-2 Greyhound

C-2 in action

Just liked to share a few photos with you all. I took these shots of the C-2 from Vultures row on board the USS Kennedy back in 1988 during a work up cruise , I was part of a reserve unit then. The C-1 was way back in the before time on [...]

VRC 30 Det 3 Bahrain 2009

Since I have been posting my C-2 build I thought you all might be interested to see some pictures from my deployment to Bahrain. In VRC 30 we deployed in two aircraft Detachments attached to a Carrier Battle Group. We were aboard USS [...]

Gearing up…..

The COD saga moves on. Boba Fett is excited about the new Star Wars movie, but is "standing" firm on his COD build! This installment is landing gear. Kinetics is adequate, but not quite right. You can see from the pictures I [...]

Bobba tries to climb in....

Just about done with the C-2 pit, added everything I could think of and remember including the handle we used to manually pump up the brakes (seen on the back of the copilots seat) and the "thunderstorm lights above the cockpit door. [...]