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A modelling escapade and its consequences: the US 2 1/2 ton 6X6 Airfield Fuel Truck

Sometimes it has its advantages not to be an expert in a certain field- which for me is irrefutably true with regard to trucks This statement recently proved true for me when I built this GMC tanker: on the one hand, looking at the unknown [...]

GMC CCKW 353 “Red Ball Express” Tamiya 1/35

Really nice kit,as usual for Tamiya. Hope you like it. All the best, Marcus

GMC, 2 1/2-Ton Cargo Truck, Tamiya, 1st Army 3549th Transport. Corp. Truck Co. #37, July 1944, Normandy

After a 53 year break, back to modeling in January. This is the 5th kit since returning. Haven't done any weathering yet, may return later. Now I've a 1/350 Hobby Boss Soviet submarine to tackle. Will post pics when done.

The Airport Fuel Truck

All the airports I worked at had the ubiquitous fuel truck roaming the ramp areas. In fact I drove a fuel truck at the very beginning of my aviation career and at various later times in pursuit of airborne happiness. This particular fuel [...]

1/35 1948 SUMMER ( KOREA)

I wanted to make peaceful korean scenery before korean war. I used two GMC of TAMIYA & HOBBY BOSS. Thanks.